safety tips when using atm

Safety Tips When Using an ATM

Automated teller machines provide a quick and convenient way to gain access to your bank account. If not careful, they become just as convenient to criminals. Every time a person uses an ATM they place themselves at serious risk of having their money or identity stolen. The next time you need to run and grab…
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tax fraud

Prevent Tax Return Fraud: How to Protect Your Identity

More than 3 million tax returns are hacked each year, according to the IRS, and billions of dollars are erroneously given out each year due to fraud. But it doesn’t stop there. Once the thieves have your information, they can use it to steal your identity and then use your financial resources. There is still…
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backing up phone

Don’t Be an April Fool… March 31st, 2018 is World Backup Day

World Backup Day is set aside as a reminder to back up your files, even if it’s once a year! Highlighting the cause, every March 31st is World Backup Day! This day brings about awareness for every man, woman, and child that accesses data from any device to review their backup policies and—if none are in place—create…
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common home security questions

Four Common Home Security Questions

One of the most challenging things for many homeowners is ensuring that their home is secure. With so much information out there, it can be difficult to know what the best home security options really are. Here are a few of the most common home security questions that homeowners ask and information to help you…
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burglars and valuables

Top 10 Valuables Targeted by Burglars in Your Home

No one wants to think about the fact that burglars exist and might be considering homes in their neighborhood. However, to protect yourself against burglary, it is wise to think about what they would care about most. The Department of Justice compiles statistics, like these numbers from 2012, that show just how much property is…
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