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Do I Need Security Cameras Installed In My Troy Home?

As if home security in Michigan wasn’t challenging enough, it’s not easy protecting your home against things you can’t see. Intruders and trespassers could be precursors to a break-in. And even though home video surveillance cameras are an excellent deterrent, their use runs deeper than that; they’re a helpful way to improve the odds of

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Troy Burglary Prevention: 6 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

Violent crime rates are falling, with law enforcement and even the pandemic playing a part. But even at that, an average of 2.5 million burglaries happen each year. If you’re trying to avoid becoming a statistic, keeping yourself and your family safer starts with keeping your home safer. Not sure where to start? Vigilante Security

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What are the Best Smoke Detectors in Michigan?

If you’re trying to secure your home or business, it’s important to remember that natural forces can be even more destructive than human actors. So it’s not enough to install a burglar alarm and assume that your security needs are covered; protecting against fire with the best smoke detectors also matters, which is why Vigilante

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What is Home Automation in Michigan?

We’ve all heard of smartphones. But what about smart homes? You can’t fit a duplex, split-level ranch, or bungalow in your pocket. Or can you? New technology is allowing Michigan homeowners to see and control many aspects of their home’s day-to-day activities from nearly anywhere with an internet connection, helping them stay safer and more

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