6 Ways to Make Your Backyard Safer For Your Kids

Summer may be coming to end but sending kids to play in the backyard after school is a great way to help them blow off some steam. While the backyard is a fun place to play it can also pose many dangers. Follow these couple of guidelines and you will be on a path to a safe and active summer.

  1. Establish Safety Rules

Make sure your child understands that these rules are in place to make sure that they stay safe. Develop your list of rules to ensure children know their boundaries, where to place toys, and proper behavior for play. Once you have your rules, write them down and post it where it is visible.

  1. Supervise Children at All Times

Children, especially younger ones, have a hard time recognizing dangerous situations. This makes it important for an adult to be watching, so they can stop an accident before it happens.

  1. Install a fence

Fences that have self-closing and self-latching gates prevent kids and pets from leaving the yard. If you are unable to have a fenced in yard, ensure that children known their boundaries to keep them from wandering too far away.

  1. Improve security around pool

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of four, and most of these drownings take place in residential swimming pools. To prevent an accident, keep doors, gates and windows that lead to the pool locked. Even adding sensors to doors so that you are alerted to prevent your child from getting to the pool unsupervised.

  1. Inspect play structures

Play structures are great to encourage exercise and imaginative play. But they need to be maintained and inspected for signs of wear. Some hazards you should keep an eye out for are rotting wood, protruding bolts, damaged floor boards, and loose steps and railings.

  1. Survey yard for possible hazards

Before children go outside to play it is important to inspect the yards for potential hazards like garden tools, ladders, hoses and chemicals. Make sure these items are in a secure place that can’t be accessed by your child or their friends.

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