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Should You Have Your Smoke Detectors Repaired?

Smoke detectors stand as indispensable guardians in the layered defense strategy of any fire prevention plan within a home or business. Their paramount significance lies in their ability to offer early warnings in the event of a fire, hence ensuring the safety and well-being of inhabitants. The National Fire Protection Association staunchly recommends the renewal

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home security in detroit

Enhancing Home Security in Metro Detroit with Vigilante Security

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your home and family, settling for generic solutions is not the answer. In Metro Detroit, including areas like Troy, Rochester Hills, and Sterling Heights, Vigilante Security stands out as the premier choice for custom-designed home security systems tailored to fit every individual homeowner’s needs. Custom-Tailored Home Alarm

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remote alarm monitoring

Remote Management of Your Home Alarm System

With a sudden increase in the number of people working from remote locations in 2020, remote management of home alarm systems has become increasingly popular. A remote alarm system allows homeowners to leave their property in the hands of our remotely-based Vigilante Security team. This team will have complete access to your home’s locking system,

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security monitoring software

Leveraging Software Solutions to Enhance Carbon Monoxide, Water, and Smoke Monitoring

Environmental monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and well-being. Environmental monitoring software solutions can help enhance monitoring efforts for carbon monoxide, water, and smoke by integrating sensor data, providing remote access, and offering customizable alerts. In this article, we’ll explore how software ties into the monitoring process and improves safety for vulnerable populations.

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