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How to Select People for Your Security System Call List

A Vigilante Security, Inc. alarm system provides you with state of the art protection of your property. A key component of the system is the central station monitoring. Vigilante Security has our own Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed and 5 Diamond Central Station that monitors your system constantly. Our central station needs to have a list

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home break in's summertime

Preventing Home Burglaries in the Summer: Why Break-Ins Tend to Increase

A lot of misconceptions exist when it comes to home break-ins, but arming yourself with the right information is the first step in preventing home burglaries, especially in the summer. Homes are more often burglarized in the warmer months for several reasons, including greater opportunity and more daylight hours for the burglaries to occur.  

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preventing pets from starting fires

Preventing Pets from Starting Fires

About 500,000 pets per year are involved in fires in the United States, with 1,000 fires actually started by pets. Many of these incidents are avoidable if these simple preventative measures are taken. 1. Stovetops According to the National Fire Protection Association, a stove or cook top is the number one piece of equipment involved

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Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security Features

As we become more technologically advanced, so do our homes. Smart homes have the ability to do things for us while we are away from the home, like regulate the temperature, open and close blinds, control lighting, and lock and unlock doors, thus providing safety and security. The next time you enter your home, think

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