Best Home Security Systems in Troy

A recent survey found that 38% of households in the U.S.-owned “some kind of home security product,” and that 16.2% own a professionally monitored security system*. If you’re considering upgrading from a couple of standalone items to a full security system, or if you’re considering a security system for the first time, you may be

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Is Your Business At Risk For Burglary in Troy?

Statistically, Troy, MI is the seventh-safest city in Michigan.* But even the safest cities aren’t immune to property crime, which means that burglary safety for businesses in Michigan remains a concern. How common is burglary, and how can you make your business a harder target? Business security systems from Vigilante Security can help. Burglary Statistics

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Do I Need a Video Doorbell in my Troy Home?

Home security can seem like an arms race. As more of us are buying online, thieves see opportunity. That, in turn, leaves homeowners looking for new ways to get the upper hand, which is why video doorbells are an increasingly important part of home security systems in Troy MI. Still making up your mind? Vigilante

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Do I Need Security Cameras Installed In My Troy Home?

As if home security in Michigan wasn’t challenging enough, it’s not easy protecting your home against things you can’t see. Intruders and trespassers could be precursors to a break-in. And even though home video surveillance cameras are an excellent deterrent, their use runs deeper than that; they’re a helpful way to improve the odds of

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