Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems

When it comes to protecting your business, or your home and family, doing it when you get around to it simply isn’t acceptable. That’s especially true of fire and smoke alarm systems, which have been shown repeatedly to save lives when they’re installed properly. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that two thirds of fire deaths — 1,450 fatalities per year on average — occur in homes with missing or faulty smoke alarms. Since one death is too many, Vigilante Security offers fire and smoke alarm systems throughout the Troy, MI area.

Why Choose Professional Fire and Smoke Alarm Installation?

While a battery-powered smoke alarm is better than nothing, there’s more that goes into a professional fire and smoke alarm installation than most people realize — and certainly more than simply hanging a couple of smoke detectors. Especially in older structures, smoke and fire can spread with astonishing speed. The difference of a few seconds can literally be the difference between life and death.

Round the Clock Alarm Monitoring

While alerting the occupants of a home or business is important, it’s only half the equation. The other half is 24/7 professional alarm monitoring. When you’re concentrating on evacuating everyone safely, summoning the fire department isn’t the first thing on your mind. Your neighbors may not immediately be aware that something’s wrong, so their response could also be delayed if it comes at all. Because we continuously monitor the systems we install, we’re immediately alerted if something goes wrong and can alert emergency services right away.

Custom Alarm System Design

Given the dangers that fires pose to life and property, the right protection matters. That’s why we offer a complimentary one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced certified security consultants. It’s a collaborative process; we take your property, concerns, and questions into account, and use our expertise to suggest the best solutions we can offer. That way, your home or business is secure and you can rest easy knowing you’ve made an informed choice.

Fire & Smoke Alarm Options

Vigilante Security offers several fire and smoke alarm solutions. We’ve chosen to partner with Gamewell, a respected name in the industry, because we’ve found their equipment to be effective and reliable. The choices we offer include:

  • Analog/Conventional Alarm Panels
  • Addressable Alarm Panels
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Addressable Devices
  • Conventional Devices
  • Mass Notification Appliances
  • Flame Detection
  • Aspiration Sensing VESDA Devices

The fact that a fire in your home or business is financially costly would be reason enough to protect yourself. Even the restoration cost after a contained kitchen fire can run into the thousands of dollars, and that’s to say nothing of a home or building that’s a total loss. The human cost — which can’t be replaced or measured in dollars — means that homeowners, property managers, and others can ill afford to neglect fire and smoke detection. Call 844 My-Vigilante today to get started on the protection and the peace of mind that you deserve.