Top 10 Valuables Targeted by Burglars in Your Home

No one wants to think about the fact that burglars exist and might be considering homes in their neighborhood. However, to protect yourself against burglary, it is wise to think about what they would care about most.

The Department of Justice compiles statistics, like these numbers from 2012, that show just how much property is stolen and how much is recovered each year. In 2012, over $13 billion of valuables were stolen, with only $2.6 billion recovered.

Consider these 10 valuables targeted by burglars often, and make sure they are well-secured in your home.


  1. Cash

You probably guessed this, but $1.1 billion in cash is stolen each year, and it makes sense: if the burglars aren’t caught in the act, the cash will be similar to all other cash in the world and will not appear suspect. Very little cash is recovered when stolen, so make sure that you do not leave cash lying around or in obvious hiding spots in your home.


  1. Jewelry and precious metals

While slightly more identifiable, jewelry and precious metals still account for $1.9 billion in theft each year, with only 4% recovered after the fact. Jewelry holds value and is small enough to easily gather and leave with. It is often heartbreaking to lose valuable or sentimental jewelry, so it is important to get insurance on any high-value jewelry you keep and wear often.


  1. Clothing

Designer clothing or furs are among the valuables targeted by burglars for their resale value. While these are a less-common theft item, with less than $300 million stolen in burglaries per year, if your most valuable clothing are unsecured in a closet, they may be targeted.


  1. Firearms

Making sure that firearms are extremely secure in your home can both keep your family safe and prevent burglars from arming themselves in the process of taking your possessions.


  1. Cars

While you may see your car as an outside-the-home theft, getting a car stolen may have to do with someone breaking into the house for the key. One positive is that reporting the theft immediately results in recovery about half of the time.


  1. Televisions

This category also includes radios and stereos; these are some of the easiest to find and recognize items in a home, which makes them likely targets for burglaries, given that burglars generally spend less than 15 minutes inside a home, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports.


  1. Phones and Computers

These days, personal electronics are getting smaller but also becoming more valuable, increasing the chance that someone will steal them in a home invasion.


  1. Prescription Drugs

While burglary might have been attempted to gain large amounts of value in the past, some burglaries now are due to desperation to find opioids and other drugs. Make sure you do not display drug bottles prominently, and that you dispose of unneeded or unused prescription drugs.


  1. Household and Consumable Goods

While it takes a lot more of them to create a lot of value, everything from bottles of wine to nice lamps and chairs can be stolen. It is worthwhile to install shades or blinds even if you simply have a nice wine collection on display.



  1. Tools

If a burglar gets some of your nice household repair tools from a workshop, their job might be easier next time. When possible, secure tools or keep them out of sight from windows and doors.


While common sense can help you avoid having valuables targeted by burglars, only a well-maintained home security system is likely to deter them when they are seriously considering your home. Visit Vigilante Security to learn about the difference a home security system can make in deterring burglars and protecting your most valuable assets.

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