Why I Need A Professional To Install My Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are ubiquitous these days, with even many Troy homeowners getting in on the action. It’s understandable; they’re a great layer of protection from your home, letting you keep an eye on your home inside and out. But when you’re considering a home security camera, especially as part of a comprehensive home security system in Troy, MI, you are better off having your system professionally installed. Vigilante Security explores the reasons why you need to hire expert security system installers.

Self-Installed Security Cameras

Let’s start with self-installed security cameras. These can be gotten in any number of ways, from home improvement stores and Amazon to DIY home security systems.

Self-Installation Cons

The biggest draw to a self-installed security system is cost since a company that sells DIY security systems will be sure to scare you with the prospect of high installation fees. While those fees are off the table, the security company still wants to make its money—so the cost of equipment is usually marked up higher, and you may not even be getting equipment that’s commensurate with the price you’re paying.

Intuitively, you’d think that an inexpensive set of cameras would be a good thing; if you want to add to that system later, theoretically, you can just tack on more components as you go. But security companies are notoriously proprietary about their equipment, and the technology used evolves, so there can be problems with interoperability, especially as time passes. What’s more, if there’s an installation error, or if something goes wrong with the equipment, the installer—you, in this case—will be on the hook for any applicable repairs and reinstallation.

Professional Security System Installation

So what happens when you enlist the services of a professional security company in Troy, MI?

Professional Security System Installation Pros

To begin with, you’re getting systems designed to work with one another. That’s especially important if you expect more from your system than just a security system and a handful of sensors for your windows and doors. If you have a smart home, or if your system encompasses home fire detection, environmental monitoring, and even access controls, the value of that can’t be overstated.

Another consideration: we don’t just install a system out of the box. We’re designing the system first, taking into account any points of entry and potential weaknesses in your perimeter. We also offer 24/7 security monitoring as well as full-time app-enabled access to your system.

Then there’s the equipment itself, which is hard-wired (not a job for the inexperienced) with battery backups. While it’s more complex, it does give you an added layer of protection—especially since there’s wireless communication built-in as well.

Security System Costs in Troy, MI

But what about those installation costs that DIY companies love to scare their customers with? In actuality, they’re not that expensive when you stop to consider everything that comes with your installation—especially the peace of mind knowing you can just pick up the phone and call us if you have a question, and that we’ll be there to fix anything that goes wrong. To get a consultation on a home security system, or answers to any questions you may have, get in touch with Vigilante Security‘s security system installers today!