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Protect your investments and property with a business security system.

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Professional Alarm

When you lock up your business for the night and set your Vigilante Security alarm system, you can be at ease knowing that your business will be safe and secure from intruders.

Our expert staff will meet with you at your business to design a custom alarm solution tailored to your needs. Our certified technicians will then install your system using techniques that emphasize concealment and meticulous craftsmanship.

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24/7/365 Alarm Monitoring

Ensure that your business is safe, even when you're not around with Vigilante Security's 24/7/365 alarm monitoring services.

We are always available to provide prompt, courteous, professional service from our Underwriters Laboratories listed central station based in Troy, Michigan.

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Fire & Smoke

Whether you own a business in a multi-story complex or a free-standing store, you will want to be sure that your business and employees are safe in the event of a fire.

With Vigilante's reliable fire and smoke detection alarm systems, the authorities will be notified in seconds if a problem arises.

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Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality in one central location with Vigilante's environmental monitoring systems.

Environmental monitoring allows you to easily ensure that your business is a comfortable and safe work environment.

Vigilante Security's Environmental Monitoring system are some of the best on the market. Learn more.

Access Control

Like our intrusion and fire alarms, our access control systems are also custom engineered.

As a leader in this field, our goal is to offer a simple solution that will keep your business secure.

Our access systems range from single door systems to systems that can remotely control hundreds of doors at multiple sites across the country.

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Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your business and employees when you're not on-site.

Studies show that video surveillance helps to deter criminals from theft.

And if an incident does occur, you will have recorded evidence that can help you or the authorities.

Browse our advanced Video Surveillance options.

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