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Gamewell is well-known in the industry as a leader in fire alarms.

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Vigilante Security is a Coveted Gamewell Distributer

Gamewell excels in creating high-tech alarms for businesses and industries worldwide.

Gamewell offers cutting-edge technology in cooperation with a global network of Engineered Systems Distributors (ESD).

Gamewell-FCI is part of the Honeywell Life Safety Group.

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Fire & Smoke Alarm Systems.

Smoke can be detected with video.

Video Smoke Detection

Video smoke detection is a cutting-edge technology for early warning fire detection.

A high resolution IP camera detects the presence of flames, fire light, and smoke faster than a traditional smoke alarm.

Video smoke detection is ideal for open spaces where airflow may be obstructed, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other large facilities.

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Smoke can be detected with video.

Voice Evacuation

With Voice Evacuation, you can immediately alert everyone in the building of a fire for a quick and safe evacuation.

Voice Evacuation systems come complete with loudspeakers and strobe lights to install in the building.

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