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The EnviroAlert monitors humidity, temp, and more.

EnviroAlert for Critical Environments

Simultaneously monitor temperature, humidity, and water in one or more critical environments with EnviroAlert®!

EnviroAlert® features:

  • User-friendly set up
  • Auxiliary relay output for local alarm
  • Alarm time delay of up to 120 minutes to avoid nuisance alarms (freezer defrost cycles, door opening/closing, etc.)
  • Temperature and humidity high and low set points
  • Sensor probes sold separately

Learn more about Vigilante's Environmental Monitoring systems.

The WaterBug monitors water in critical environments.

WaterBug Alert Water Detection

We offer the industry-preferred water detection system from Winland: WaterBug®!

WaterBug® is available in three reliable models:

  • WB-200
  • WB-350
  • WB-800

All WaterBug® models offer:

  • Dependable water detection
  • Economical home options to wide area coverage for industrial and commercial applications
  • No alarm due to high humidity or condensation
  • Under carpet sensors in supervised (W-UC-S) and unsupervised (W-UC-U) models

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Controlled climates can be monitored with TempAlert.

Temp°Alert for Controlled Climates

Available for residential and commercial properties,
Temp°Alert® offers reliable and economical temperature
protection that's quick to install and easy to use.

Recommended for:

  • Computer rooms
  • Residential/vacation homes
  • Greenhouses
  • Animal buildings
  • Unattended buildings

Temp°Alert® is quick to install! Learn
more about Vigilante's Alarm
Installation services

Vigilante Security offers additional environmental monitoring systems from Winland.

Additional Products

Vigilante offers excellent environmental alarm systems which include the following:

  • Humid-Alert®
  • Vehicle Alert™
  • Power-Out Alert™

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