About Our Products

What goes into a successful alarm installation? There’s more in play than you might think. While we provide a number of different home and business security alarm systems in Troy MI and no two projects are completely alike (unlike some of our budget competitors), they nonetheless share some things in common: careful planning coupled to quality equipment, backed by professional installation and ‘round the clock monitoring services. The protection you need and deserve demands that Vigilante Security does not skimp on any of these steps, which is why our products are just one puzzle piece in a much larger picture. Here’s how it all fits together.

DMP XTLplus™ Wireless Security Systems

Digital Monitoring Products is our trusted partner for home wireless security systems. The XTLplus™ system has a number of advantages. It installs quickly and cleanly; no wires means no drilling, for quick installation. It’s modular, too, which means the system scales easily. Should you need to expand your system because you’ve renovated or put an addition on your home, the system accommodates that with minimal hassle. With its accompanying mobile app, you can get remote access to video surveillance, choose among intelligent arming options, check system status, and even integrate your security system within a smart home.

DSX Access Controls

With a sixty-year history, it’s safe to say that DSX Access Systems knows access controls. Our business security clients trust their products, and our installation and monitoring services, to keep them safe. There are more access solutions available than we have space for here, but with a range of products from access level control, time zone control, and clean room annunciation to the ability to initiate emergency lockdowns, we have yet to encounter a use case for which we could not customize a system.

Gamewell Fire Controls

You’ve seen Gamewell’s handiwork even if the name isn’t familiar to you; the company’s bright red fire call boxes are a fixture of many towns and cities. The same protection is available to Michigan businesses, updated for the 21st Century. Systems like video smoke detection (ideal for facilities where airflow obstruction could hinder traditional smoke detection) and voice evacuation to cut building evacuation times are ideal to protect life and property alike.

EnviroAlert® Environmental Monitoring

The possibility of intruders, smoke, and fire aren’t the only things that keep business owners up at night. Temperature fluctuations, spikes in humidity, flooding, and burst pipes are far more common, and can be much more destructive. That’s why we’re proud to offer environmental monitoring solutions from EnviroAlert®. These advanced systems provide yet another layer of protection for your business and assets, and are a must-have when a controlled environment is mission critical.

Working With a Trusted Security Alarm Company in Troy, MI

Now that you have a clearer picture of what we offer, it’s time for a couple of closing thoughts. To begin with, each of the systems mentioned above is fully capable of doing great things on its own, but they often work best as a team. Business security systems especially benefit from a broader spectrum of protection, but there are times when even a home security system can have use for limited environmental monitoring or access controls — this is especially true if you have an expensive collection, or a home-based business. Also remember that complex systems aren’t the kind of thing you want to undertake on a wing and a prayer. That’s one reason that Vigilante Security stands out among security alarm companies in Troy, MI: we design, install, and monitor systems with all the care they — and you — deserve.