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How to Customize Your Home Security System

We all want to keep our homes safe and secure. The reasons differ from protecting our family to keeping our valuables safe and even just ensuring our privacy. That’s why it’s so important to customize your home security system to fit your specific needs. Here are some common ways: Perimeter Protection The first line of

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What Is Professional Alarm Monitoring and Why Do You Need It?

Perhaps the most important consideration when installing a security system for your home or business, is whether to pay for professional monitoring. Most people often prefer self-monitoring their alarm system because it appears cost-effective and convenient. While this is true, self-monitoring might prove disadvantageous because you’re the only one monitoring your alarm system. So, if

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Improvised Home Security Ideas

Do you wish to protect your family and property from a burglar? If yes, we’ve provided you with a list of home security tips and tricks below. Security is a big deal for nearly every homeowner. No one wants to lose their valuable property or get injured just because a neighborhood thief broke into their

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4 Things to Watch Out for with Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are a helpful way to deter burglars from breaking in. However, even with the advancement in technology, these cameras can be hacked by unwanted individuals. There are several things you should pay attention to prevent any hackings from happening: 1. Unfamiliar Noises from the Camera Of course, cameras make noises when they

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