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Are Biometrics the Future of Home Security?

Biometric security systems seem to be a fast-growing concept in home security. Recently, interest in biometrics have become more popular in organizational safety practices worldwide.  Such interest has led homeowners to inquire about the use of biometrics to protect their homes as well. With technology ever changing, it is always good to know what may

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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

With summer fast approaching, many homeowners find themselves away from home more often for events like graduation parties, hanging out at the lake or pool, and vacations. You don’t want to leave your home and loved ones vulnerable, so following these tips from Vigilante Security will help keep your home safe for the summer. Lock

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Remote Management of Your Home Alarm System

With a sudden increase in the number of people working from remote locations in 2020, remote management of home alarm systems has become increasingly popular. In fact, it’s so in-demand nowadays that the trend of installing a wireless home security system has seeped on into 2021, too.  A remote alarm system allows homeowners to leave

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Why I Need A Professional To Install My Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are ubiquitous these days, with even many Troy homeowners getting in on the action. It’s understandable; they’re a great layer of protection from your home, letting you keep an eye on your home inside and out. But when you’re considering a home security camera, especially as part of a comprehensive home security system

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