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Physical Security Audit for Your Business: What you need to know

Is your business secure from theft and criminal attacks? Several companies install security systems but fail to check in on their functionality periodically. It is one thing to have security measures in place, but ensuring that they function properly is extremely important, and this is where a security audit comes in. Keeping your workplace secure

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New Developments in Home Security You May Have Missed But Need to Know!

Does your alarm system tell you if your washing machine has started flooding, or is it stuck in a time where the cat causes call-outs and annoyed neighbors? Those futuristic technologies we used to marvel at are now mainstream. If you’re looking to replace your home security set-up – look no further! Read on to

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How to Customize Your Home Security System

We all want to keep our homes safe and secure. The reasons differ from protecting our family to keeping our valuables safe and even just ensuring our privacy. That’s why it’s so important to customize your home security system to fit your specific needs. Here are some common ways: Perimeter Protection The first line of

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Your Business Security: 3 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade

Any business owner knows that security is essential. However, not every business can afford to implement the highest level of security measures for their business. Small businesses often have to make choices about what’s essential and what isn’t. As a result, it’s important for you to periodically review your security system to make sure it

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