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security systems for schools

Prioritizing Student Safety: The Advancements in Security Systems for Schools

In the current era, schools face an ever-increasing urgency to enhance their security due to the escalating prevalence and severity of emergency situations. Every school year, nearly a quarter of students report being bullied, either physically or emotionally. Worryingly, a majority of these incidents go unreported. This backdrop of violence and threat in educational institutions

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remote alarm monitoring

Remote Management of Your Home Alarm System

With a sudden increase in the number of people working from remote locations in 2020, remote management of home alarm systems has become increasingly popular. A remote alarm system allows homeowners to leave their property in the hands of our remotely-based Vigilante Security team. This team will have complete access to your home’s locking system,

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commercial business security systems in action

7 Commercial Security Tips

Whether you own or operate a business, it is important to protect sensitive information and to ensure that your office or building is safe and secure. Vigilante Security’s commercial business security systems will make your employees feel more at ease. Here are 7 tips that you can practice to increase your protection. Code of Conduct

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video monitoring software

Video Monitoring and the Use of Video Surveillance Software

In our tech-driven age, video surveillance systems extend beyond mere observation. They encompass analyzing, responding, and adapting. At the heart of this innovation is video management software, a cornerstone in the monitoring realm, streamlining operations and boosting security efficacy. Efficient Centralization with Video Monitoring Software Video management software (VMS) has emerged as the nerve center

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