Common Security Scams to Watch Out For

Home security systems play the most critical role in protecting ourselves, our belongings, and our property. Not only do they provide us with the necessary peace of mind, but they also make us feel safe in our homes. Along with high-quality and smart home security systems, the market is also filled with scammers. Most of them try to pique your interests by showing up at your doorsteps, unwelcome and unannounced. But they can be very convincing because they use strong-arm tactics and false promises. In this article, we will discuss how to avoid such scams to keep your home safe and protected.

How to Spot Security Company Scam?

Most of the time, scammers try their best to scare you or offer an unbeatable and tempting deal. You can spot a security company scam by using the following warning signs.

You’ll Be Asked to Decide Quickly

It’s a very common technique, and surprisingly many people fall victim to it as well. The salespersons (scammers) usually tell you that they’re offering a one-time special deal, and you need to make your decision right away. Such one-time offers are mostly scams.

They’ll Scare you If You Don’t opt for their Services

If a one-time offer tactic doesn’t work, the scammers try to scare you. For example, they’ll tell you a made-up story of burglary two blocks away and try to convince you that your home could be the next target.

Free Equipment

Offering free equipment is yet another common method that home security scammers use. For example, they’ll tell you that you’ll only be charged the installation fee, such as 99 dollars, and the equipment will be free. Bear in mind that these free deals have suspicious strings attached; for instance, they’ll ask you to sign on the installation contract that also contains a highly monthly fee.

Posing to be Your Existing Security Company

If you already own a home security system, then it still certainly doesn’t mean that these scammers can’t target you. In fact, they try to scam you by posing as your existing home security organization. This way, they get inside and replace your old system with the malicious one.

Replacement of Your Existing Company

Sometimes, the crooked salespersons directly tell you that your existing home security company has gone out of business and they’re the replacement. Moreover, they also ask you to sign a new contract by telling you that their company has taken over.

How to Keep Yourself from Home Security Scams?

The most important thing that you need to remember is to keep calm and refuse to be pressured. Don’t make any hasty decision and tell the unknown salespersons that you’ll take your time to check out their services and deals. Here are a few practices that you can follow to avoid home security scams.

Don’t Give in

Regardless of the attractive deals and one-time offers, you must not sign anything when unknown salespersons show up. Just tell them that you’ll find out more about their services and will make your decision after figuring out whether they’re legitimate or not. It’s important to keep in mind that according to the FTC’s regulations, you can cancel any deal within three days, even if you have signed it.

Call Your Company

If the salespersons tell you that they’re from your existing company or the company has gone out of business, then don’t believe it right away. Instead, call your existing company, and most probably you’ll find out that the salespersons are lying.

Ask for the Contractor’s License

One of the most important things that confirm the legitimacy of any home security company is its contractor’s license. You can demand it from the salesperson and if they fail to deliver it to you, then ask for the contractor’s name and contact information. If you don’t receive anything, then it means that the salespersons are phony.

Don’t Let them In

Whatever happens, don’t let any unknown salesperson from a home security system enter your house. If they tell you that they’re from your existing company and came for the maintenance, then ask them to go back and call you from the company’s official number and set an appointment first. Otherwise, it’ll be a little difficult to get rid of them, and you might need to call the police.

Final Word

We hope that this information will not only help you to spot the security company scams, but it’ll also allow you to avoid them. Moreover, if you’re looking for a security system for your home, then contact a security specialist from Vigilante Security that’s a licensed and highly trusted security organization.