Best Home Security Systems in Troy

A recent survey found that 38% of households in the U.S.-owned “some kind of home security product,” and that 16.2% own a professionally monitored security system*. If you’re considering upgrading from a couple of standalone items to a full security system, or if you’re considering a security system for the first time, you may be wondering how to find and install the best home security technology. As a security company serving homes and businesses in the Troy, MI area, Vigilante Security can help. Rather than emphasizing brands, however, we’re going to discuss the questions you should be asking when selecting a system and a home security company in the Troy area, and how we approach different aspects of home security systems.

What Are You Protecting?

Home takes many forms, from condominiums to duplexes, from split-level ranches to colonials. And each has its strengths and weaknesses from a security standpoint. The size of your home, the number of doors and windows it has, and even its number of shared access points and public areas, all need to be taken into consideration when you’re designing a home security system, while an older house may have different home fire detection needs than one which is newer.

What’s Inside?

It’s not just the homes themselves that vary. The contents and activities within are just as diverse, so a burglar alarm in Troy, MI alone may not be enough. A home with younger children will have different concerns than one occupied by senior citizens, while a home belonging to someone in the “sandwich generation” (an adult who’s caring for their kids and adult parents at the same time, and often in the same space) has its own special needs. From access controls that keep kids away from the power tools in your workshop, to home environmental monitoring that will alert you to a carbon monoxide leak or burst pipe, there are many different solutions to be considered alongside the usual cameras, motion sensors, and entry alarms.

How Smart is Your Home?

From video doorbells to smart thermostats (and even refrigerators that let us know when we’re running low on hot dogs), internet-connected devices are making themselves at home in our houses. Modern security systems have their place in smart homes, and we can design a system that fits right in.

Who Will Install Your Security System?

Many newer security systems are offered as a self-installed package. There are instances where this can be the best option (if you’re renting, a system that you can take down and bring with you when you move makes better financial sense). But for many homeowners’ needs, a professional security system installation proves better.

That’s because each Vigilante Security installation is preceded by a walk-through that lets us understand your home and all you’re protecting. During this process, we’re evaluating your property inside and out, giving you suggestions on ways to better protect your property. We’ll be suggesting equipment that gives you full coverage, and because it’s backed by our extensive experience, you won’t need to guess at whether you’re getting the best protection; you’ll know.

Who Will Monitor Your Security System?

Professional security monitoring is the next thing that sets a quality system apart. Many systems offer self-monitoring—ours included. But we don’t stop there. While you can check system status, or keep tabs on your security cameras any time you’d like, a rapid response in the event of a break-in, burst pipe, or fire is essential. Because we’re monitoring your system every hour of every day, that response is summoned at the first sign of trouble to ensure your safety.

Which Home Security Providers Can You Trust?

In a sense, this question is twofold. On one hand, having finally gotten a handle on our security needs, now it’s time to consider specific equipment and the best security system brands. In our case, this means relying on companies with long histories, and a habit of innovation: modular wireless security from Digital Monitoring Products, access controls from DSX, fire detection from Gamewell, and environmental monitoring from EnviroAlert®, among others.

The second question brings you to your choice of a home security company. In the Troy area, many homeowners contact Vigilante Security when it’s time for a new home security system. That’s because we take care of the entire project from end to end, starting with a system design that’s tailored to your home and your unique needs, following through with an installation of equipment you can trust, and backing your system with 24/7 home security monitoring from a UL-listed facility right here in Michigan.

For answers to your questions, and a home security installation that lets you sleep easier at night, get in touch with us today!