Environmental Monitoring Systems

EnviroAlert for Critical Environments

Environmental monitoring systems like EnviroAlert® allow you to simultaneously monitor temperature, humidity, and water in one or more critical environments!

EnviroAlert® features:

  • User-friendly set up
  • Auxiliary relay output for local alarm
  • Alarm time delay of up to 120 minutes to avoid nuisance alarms (freezer defrost cycles, door opening/closing, etc.)
  • Temperature and humidity high and low set points
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TRIDENT™ Alert Water Detection

We offer the industry-preferred water detection system from Resolution Products: TRIDENT™!

TRIDENT™ Features:

  • Tri-Mode Environmental Sensing:
    • Flood, high and low temp
    • Freeze – for Furnace Failure – Under 45 degrees F
    • Overheat – for Furnace runaway or Air Conditioning failure – Over 100 Degrees F
  • 3 unique wireless IDs or Loops: one for each function
  • Cover and wall tamper.
  • 3-5x more range than competing “puck” style sensors.
  • 8-10 year battery life on CR2032 battery.
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 2.43 x 2.48 x 1.17 inches
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Temperature Range Controlled Climates

Available for residential and commercial properties, Temperature Range from Resolution Products offers reliable and economical temperature protection.


  • Can be used as just Freeze, Freeze + Overheat, or just Overheat.
  • Freeze Warning = under 40 degrees F.
  • Overheat Warning = over 100 degrees F.
  • Custom Temperatures available based on volume, such as Freezer Failure.
  • GE version gives 2 IDs, Honeywell version gives 2 loops.
  • First ID or Loop alarm indicates “freeze” Temperature less than 40 degrees F.
  • Second ID or Loop alarm indicates “overheat” greater than 100 degrees F.
  • 8-10 year battery life on CR123A battery.
  • Low Battery indication. · 3.3×1.4×1.1 inches.
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Additional Products

Vigilante offers excellent environmental alarm systems which include the following:

  • Humid-Alert®
  • Power-Out Alert™
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