Access Capabilities

Building Automation

With access capabilities like building automation, control many aspects of your day-to-day building management in one centralized location.

Automatically lock or unlock all entry doors with the click of a button on your computer or smart phone.

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Access Control

Access control limits entry to a building, room, or other physical location.

In access control systems, users must present credentials before they can be granted entry inside.

In physical systems, these credentials may come in many forms such as key fobs, cardkeys, biometrics (fingerprint or eye scan), or key codes.

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Threat Level Management

Efficiently manage and address emergency situations with advanced access capabilities provided by Vigilante Security’s threat level management system. This robust feature allows you to swiftly initiate a lockdown, securing all entry points during critical moments. Simultaneously, the system ensures that only authorized personnel can interact with the security software, maintaining operational control.

Restricting access to sensitive areas and preventing unauthorized access is crucial for mitigating threats and safeguarding individuals and assets. This rapid response capability offers you a reliable solution to swiftly gain control and manage potentially dangerous situations with precision and efficiency. The system’s design ensures that you can quickly respond to an emergency, locking down entry doors and limiting access to security software in an instant.

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Additional Products & Applications

Vigilante Security offers DSX access control products:

  • Virtual outputs
  • First Person In
  • Manager First
  • Anti-Passback
  • Access Level Control
  • Hazmat Lockdown
  • Emergency Lockdowns
  • Time Zone Control
  • Separate Alarm Outputs
  • Clean Room Annunciation
  • Man Trap
  • Occupancy Limit

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