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Remote Management of Your Home Alarm System

With a sudden increase in the number of people working from remote locations in 2020, remote management of home alarm systems has become increasingly popular. In fact, it’s so in-demand nowadays that the trend of installing a wireless home security system has seeped on into 2021, too.  A remote alarm system allows homeowners to leave

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Why I Need A Professional To Install My Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are ubiquitous these days, with even many Troy homeowners getting in on the action. It’s understandable; they’re a great layer of protection from your home, letting you keep an eye on your home inside and out. But when you’re considering a home security camera, especially as part of a comprehensive home security system

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Best Home Security Systems in Troy

A recent survey found that 38% of households in the U.S.-owned “some kind of home security product,” and that 16.2% own a professionally monitored security system*. If you’re considering upgrading from a couple of standalone items to a full security system, or if you’re considering a security system for the first time, you may be

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Is Your Business At Risk For Burglary in Troy?

Statistically, Troy, MI is the seventh-safest city in Michigan.* But even the safest cities aren’t immune to property crime, which means that burglary safety for businesses in Michigan remains a concern. How common is burglary, and how can you make your business a harder target? Business security systems from Vigilante Security can help. Burglary Statistics

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