Ensuring Your Commercial Alarm System is Up To Code

The only thing worse than having no commercial alarm system is having one that’s out-of-date or in poor condition. After all, if you have no alarm system, you already know your business is unprotected. A substandard alarm system, on the other hand, can lull you and your employees into a false sense of security, lowering your guard and leaving you vulnerable. Is it time to contact Vigilante Security for a new commercial alarm system? This checklist can help.

Multiple False Alarms

False alarms can be caused by failing sensors, aging components, and bad wiring. They are more than a nuisance. On one hand, they can be very costly; most Michigan municipalities will impose fines and other penalties for false alarms. They can eventually mean slower response times, and in the case of an intrusion alarm can even provide cover in the event of a break-in, since intruders know the alarm going off (again) isn’t likely to draw much attention. So if you’re noticing that false alarms are happening more frequently, call us.

Poor Video Quality

Video surveillance can be an effective deterrent against break-ins and theft, and can safeguard property and people alike. But if your cameras are poorly positioned or if you simply don’t have enough of them, you’re leaving significant blind spots. Ensuring the proper number and positioning of cameras will help keep you safer.

Lack of Smart Controls

For all the ink that’s been spilled on the smart home, smart alarm systems for commercial buildings should not be ignored — and your security system can be front and center. Older security systems don’t often support smartphone integration, and integrating this gives you an eagle eye on everything from access controls, to your alarm and surveillance systems, and your environmental controls and monitoring.

Poor Monitoring

Your old security company meant well. But if they’re relying on outdated equipment for alarm monitoring an existing system, they may not be serving you well. Our UL-listed monitoring center has a proprietary communications network that avoids concerns with reliability and downtime so you are always protected.

Outdated Technology

As we mentioned in the beginning, technology that’s old can give you a false sense of security. You may have each of the systems we’ve mentioned above — none of these are exactly new technologies. Neither, however, have they been preserved in amber. Each has evolved over the years, and the newer versions have capabilities that their older counterparts did not. Video now sports higher resolution, better low-light capabilities, and cloud-based storage with reliable indexing. Access controls offer better visibility into employee activity, as well as the ability to restrict access on more granular levels than before. Monitoring is more robust and reliable, and sensors have evolved to a point that greatly limits false positives.

Most business owners work hard to keep pace with — or even outpace — their competitors. Your approach to business security should be no less proactive or forward-looking. Whether you’re installing a new business security system or ensuring your existing one is able to adequately protect you, consult with Vigilante Security for all your Michigan business security needs.