Is Your Business At Risk For Burglary in Troy?

Statistically, Troy, MI is the seventh-safest city in Michigan.* But even the safest cities aren’t immune to property crime, which means that burglary safety for businesses in Michigan remains a concern. How common is burglary, and how can you make your business a harder target? Business security systems from Vigilante Security can help.

Burglary Statistics in Troy

While violent crimes are relatively rare in Troy—less than one per one thousand residents, by some measures—property crimes are much more common, averaging more than 12 per thousand residents. While some of those burglaries are home break-ins, businesses present tempting targets. Homes are targeted in broad daylight because the owners typically aren’t home during that time. But for businesses, which tend to operate in areas with lower foot traffic after dark and which are usually closed at night, there are added opportunities for burglary.

Signs Your Business is at Risk for Burglary

Protecting your business—from theft and burglary alike—requires careful thought about your business and the kind of target it represents. So what is a burglar looking for when they chase your business?

  • A low possibility of being seen by the property owner, passers-by, or law enforcement in the commission of a crime
  • An empty building, since an occupied business robs burglars of their stealth
  • Ease of access, affording the ability to get in and out fast, with minimal chance of detection

How You Can Keep Your Business Safer

Now that you know what a burglar is looking for, how can you begin to better protect your business?

  • Let there be light. A well-lit property robs burglars of their stealth and anonymity.
  • Install security cameras. Besides being an effective deterrent, video surveillance systems aid in apprehension in the event of a burglary (especially if there’s plenty of light on the subject—see above).
  • Install an audible burglar alarm system. You may not prevent the initial property damage from a break-in, but the noise can scare off a would-be intruder before they make off with your property.
  • Ensure that there are visible signs of your security system, including a sign or window decal; this, too, has a deterrent effect.
  • Retail businesses should keep high-dollar inventory harder to access, preferably in a locked cabinet; the added time and noise is a great deterrent.
  • If you use window displays, make sure that you’re using tempered and laminated glass to prevent a smash-and-grab, and that tempting high-value items aren’t enticing a theft or break-in.
  • Protect large assets and moving stock, too. Ignition controls, GPS-based vehicle recovery systems, geofencing, and other measures help to prevent theft and aid in recovery if something is stolen.
  • Don’t forget that embezzlement can be even worse for your business than a break-in. Security cameras and employee access controls help you keep an eye on your business, and discourage employee theft in many forms.
  • Don’t skimp on remote security system monitoring, because response time is vital for any number of business emergencies—not just burglary, but also commercial fire detection systems, plus environmental monitoring for power outages and equipment failures.

Finally, remember that installation matters too. For a business security installation that starts with an on-site walkthrough and audit by experienced security professionals, get in touch with Vigilante Security today.

*C&G News, Troy Ranks Seventh on List of Safest Cities in Michigan