Do I Need a Video Doorbell in my Troy Home?

Home security can seem like an arms race. As more of us are buying online, thieves see opportunity. That, in turn, leaves homeowners looking for new ways to get the upper hand, which is why video doorbells and doorbell alarms are an increasingly important part of home security systems in Troy MI. Still making up your mind? Vigilante Security explores the pros and cons of the video doorbell and the doorbell alarm in protecting your home.

How Video Doorbells Work

First, a quick primer in case you’re new to video doorbells. A video doorbell is installed in place of your existing doorbell and will begin recording video when it detects motion on your front porch, whether someone rings the bell or not. Just like lights with motion detectors turn off after a while, most video doorbells won’t record constantly; however, you can augment your protection with a home video surveillance system.

The Pros and Cons of Video Doorbells

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a video doorbell? Good idea. Let’s take a closer look.


Most of us with peepholes check before we answer the door. But if the doorbell rings while you’re in the middle of making dinner, or while you’re out back mowing the lawn, or you’re… well, engaged in other activities, it helps to be able to see what’s going on. It also helps when you’re waiting on a delivery or a package.


Security systems have a well-known deterrent effect on would-be thieves. Anything that slows them down, draws attention, or otherwise makes them easier to apprehend often makes a break-in less likely. While there’s some debate over exactly how well a video doorbell deters malfeasance, it’s another important layer of defense.


When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a break-in, having video footage makes an apprehension more likely, and also makes prosecution easier when there’s a clear picture of the suspect.

Video Doorbell Disadvantages

Proper video doorbell installation is complex, especially for systems that have multiple components that need to talk to each other, and given that you’ll want to make sure the installation itself is secure. This is easy enough to sidestep with professional security system installation.

Even though you can monitor your system at any time, and from any place, that isn’t always practical and when your video doorbell is part of a comprehensive installation from Vigilante Security, your system gets 24/7 security monitoring from a UL-listed facility. We’re watching even when you can’t!

Home Security Solutions in Troy, MI

Another great thing about the video doorbell and doorbell alarm is that they’re a natural fit with other components of a smart home, giving you another layer of visibility and security into how your home runs and letting you protect what’s important to you. And because every Vigilante Security installation starts with an on-site walkthrough and consultation, we can make suggestions that keep everyone safe and sound. Call us today!