Alarm Services

Home Alarm Installation

Vigilante Security’s intrusion alarm systems are unlike any other system on the market.

Most home alarm systems are cookie cutter by design. In other words, there is nothing unique about what other alarm companies offer. Vigilante Security’ alarm services will get you a custom system designed specifically for your needs and requirements.

Protect your home from burglary and intrusion with Vigilante Security’s custom alarm systems. To provide our customers with the best solutions, we must start with the right products. We’re proud to be a distributor of DMP, Gamewell, DSX, and Winland products.

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Professional Alarm Installation

When you lock up your business for the night and set your Vigilante Security alarm system, you can be at ease knowing that your business will be safe and secure from intruders.

Our expert alarm services staff will meet with you at your business to design a custom alarm solution tailored to your needs. Our certified technicians will then install your system using techniques that emphasize concealment and meticulous craftsmanship.

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Professional Alarm Installation

Professional alarm installation starts with a great design. Our experienced and seasoned sales technicians will meet with you either at your site or at our facility to develop a security solution that will exceed your expectations.

Whether you want to install an intrusion alarm, fire alarm system, access control, or any other security system, we will create a custom system designed to fulfill your individual needs.

We strive to provide the best possible customer service and complete all tasks in an efficient and professional manner.

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Advanced Alarm Monitoring Centers

Here at Vigilante Security, we believe our customers deserve unsurpassed reliability when it comes to protection against threats to life and property like burglary, fire, flooding, vandalism, and personal emergencies.

If an emergency arises in your home or business, Vigilante Security’s UL central station will be the first to know.

If you don’t have a home phone line, no worries! With high speed Internet service we can provide you with complete alarm monitoring that is always connected. We also can utilize cellular connectivity or immediate access with our private radio network (PRN). Alerts are transmitted to our offices in milliseconds, not minutes. Vigilante Security’s level of responsiveness can save lives!

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