Thermal Temperature Monitoring

Complete Solution to Detect and Monitor Temperatures

Using thermal cameras, officials and building managers can now be more discrete and efficient in identifying people that may need further screening with virus-specific testing. A variety of institutions, including businesses, factories, and first responders are using thermal monitoring as a detection method and as part of employee health and screening.

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Commercial Thermal Monitoring System

According to the CDC’s new guideline, Pre-Screen: Employers should measure the employee’s temperature and assess symptoms prior to them starting work. Ideally, temperature checks should happen before the individual enters work stations.

Intelligent Thermal Scanner System can perform large-area detection when an epidemic situation occurs and quickly find out those with higher body temperature, effectively raising awareness and controlling the spread of the epidemic. The system is simple and convenient to operate. It can set the alarm temperature range, realize multi-point alarm and tracking, ensure that no targets are missed, and avoid interference from other high-temperature objects. Infrared and visible video images are transmitted to the monitoring center for analysis and processing in real time. With concealed design and smooth operation, the safety of the crowd is always guarded.

This large-scale body temperature screening can be exercised in airports, stations, schools, hotels, properties, and hospitals.

Thermal Camera Functions

  • Designed to test for elevated temperature
  • Screens one person at a time, using an included heat source as a reference
  • Measurement distance is approximately 5 feet
  • Simple screening for safer communities
  • ​Helps businesses, institutions and venues easily screen for skin temperature
  • Non-contact / non-invasive screening
  • Easy to use and very effective
  • Automatically scans for a face in the camera’s field of view
  • Takes facial temperature and provides a pass/fail signal
  • Reduces contact between personnel and those being screened
  • One second evaluation time keeps lines moving quickly