7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Home Improvements

Criminals love targeting a home that is visibly undergoing a home improvement project. Why? It’s simple really. Criminals know that most home improvement projects involve material and tools which can be easily sold and are also aware that home owners will be especially preoccupied during the renovation project.

Home improvements turn your home into a construction zone with security risks that leave your family and your project tools and materials vulnerable. Before you begin your next project, check out these important tips:

1. Use Only Trusted Contractors and Service Providers

Letting strangers into your home is a big deal, so do your research before you hire anyone. Get referrals for contractors and check online to see if anyone has had any issues with them. Find out whether they sub-contract some or all of the work to others. If they sub-contract, you may have little idea or control over who enters your home.

2. Be Aware of the Number of People in Your Home

Always know how many people come in to your home and where they are at all times. When possible, have them use one entrance, such as a back door, so it is easier to see who enters and leaves and when.

3. Keep Doors and Windows Locked

More activity means more chances for the doors to be left unlocked. Ask all workers not to unlock any door or window unnecessarily and to re-lock when done with any task. Be sure to check the doors when you leave or retire for the night.

4. Never Leave Openings

Never leave any open access to your home. Try to finish all projects before leaving or before evening. When that is not possible, secure openings with plywood to prevent criminals from entering the property.

5. Make Burglarizing Your Home Difficult

Deter criminals by making the risk of getting caught far greater than the reward of gaining access to your property. Use fences, locked gates, motion activated lights, and video surveillance systems to make gaining access less attractive.

6. Keep Your Materials Out of Sight and Protected with Security Systems

Keep all of your materials in a secure location such as a locked garage, preferably protected by security systems such as alarms and CCTV.

7. Call Your Alarm Company

Adding or changing your space can cause gaps in your security. Home security specialists configure security systems to meet the needs of the space at the time of installation. Any changes might mean the system is not optimally situated to the new space.
If you have questions about how to protect your home during a renovation or how to use your home security system during large projects, call us today.