How Our Products Put the Focus on Mobile Access

It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to connect to the internet, you had to be at your desk or on a laptop with a wired connection. Similarly, if you wanted to keep tabs on your security cameras, you’d have to sit in front of a bank of monitors, or a single display with a series of thumbnails. These days, your internet connection and your security monitoring alike fit neatly into your pocket. And with 81% of American adults owning smartphones as of 2021*, there’s never been a better time to combine the two. Among the many Vigilante Security services we offer, mobile access is one that our customers — residential and commercial alike — find the most welcome, and most useful. Here’s how you, too, can get more from mobile security access.

Commercial & Residential Alarm Systems & Monitoring in Troy, MI

While the mechanics are similar for both residential alarm systems and commercial alarm systems, there are some important differences as well.

What is the Advantage of Mobile Access?

Our security systems rely on cellular connections that are harder to circumvent than their hard-wired equivalents. This has advantages for you and us alike. For us, it means that if something happens — a fire alarm, an alert from a carbon monoxide detector, an unauthorized use of employee access controls — we know instantly. For you, it means visibility to the same system data that we have, so that you too can monitor your system at any time and from anywhere.

Mobile Security Monitoring at Home

Vigilante Security’s mobile functionality is designed to work seamlessly in modern smart homes. While many homeowners appreciate being able to pull up security camera footage with a few simple taps, there’s far more you can do than that. Your fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and any environmental sensors you’ve installed (like flood detection and temperature monitoring) are available in the palm of your hand. So if you’re at work and making sure your kids made it home from school, if you’re on vacation and want to be sure your home is safe and sound, or if a motion detector is tripped at any time of the day and you want to know what’s happening, you don’t have to guess.

Mobile Security Monitoring for Business

Our commercial alarm systems are even more robust. Besides the monitoring services you’d expect (the customary fire, smoke, and intrusion alarms), we offer a wide range of environmental monitoring solutions that can protect assets and inventory across settings ranging from retail to food service, medicine, and pharma. The ability to access security systems while on the move keeps security fast and responsive. And as with residential systems, you can customize alerts for different scenarios and users.

But that’s not all. Access controls are important to a growing number of businesses, and setting up those controls (and their accompanying access levels) on mobile devices isn’t just safe, it’s a great way to ensure that the right employees have access. We’ve all left a badge in the wrong pants, after all, but hardly any of us leaves the house without our phone!

Remote Monitoring and Other Vigilante Security Services

Is there a catch to any of this? Of course there is. The remote access offered by mobile devices is helpful, but it is by no means a panacea. For one thing, you’re going to have to sleep sooner or later, which is why our 24/7 commercial and residential alarm monitoring facility keeps an eagle eye on your home or business even when you can’t. But that’s not all, because quality equipment also requires custom design and expert installation to be as effective as it should be. Luckily for you, the security solutions you need are as close as your next call to Vigilante Security!

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