3 Benefits of Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

When it comes to commercial fire alarm monitoring, early detection — and a swift response — can mean the difference between minimizing damages or losing everything.

But let’s face it:

You can’t be on-site to watch and listen for every alarm. And undetected fires? They’re the most dangerous of all. No one wants a phone call at 3 AM to find out an electrical fire torched half the business before emergency responders arrived.

Using a fast and dedicated fire alarm monitoring service will keep your business — and your people — unscathed when things start getting hot.

The benefits don’t end there. Here are three powerful advantages to having a professional team watching over your livelihood:

1. It Puts Your People First — Not Just Your Property

Relying on your employees to both catch and call in a fire can be disastrous. From shock and panic to the bystander effect, it can take over a minute for someone to notify the authorities. With commercial fire alarm monitoring, emergency responders are notified in seconds — not minutes.

This allows your people to focus on safely evacuating, not who should tackle or report the fire. With a comprehensive alarm system installed, security can access cameras and identify if and where someone may be trapped in the blaze.

2.  It Helps Control Business Disruptions & Maintain Productivity

From false alarms to actual infernos, when your business is protected by professional fire alarm monitoring, you can minimize the drain on your revenue from an emergent event.

False alarms are not only irritating, but they also force business operations to cease until the “all clear” is given. When properly monitored, only a true blaze is acted on, a swift and immediate notification to the local fire brigade saves your company thousands in inventory and man hours.

3. An Always-On Protection You Can Count On — 24/7 Peace of Mind

Commercial fire alarm monitoring puts eyes and ears on every corner of your business. Whether employees are pushing production to new heights or tucked away in their beds at night, your company is under constant surveillance for any and all threats that can burn your company’s progress.

And, if you’re doing business in the Southeast side of Michigan? You could have a dedicated team keeping a watchful eye on your livelihood from our TMA Five Diamond Monitoring Center in Troy, MI.

Give your company the extra layer of protection it deserves. Safeguard your livelihood with fire alarm monitoring from Vigilante Security.

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