Are Your Business’s Environmental Monitoring Systems Ready for the Summer Heat?

A temperature difference of a few degrees isn’t only the difference between irritation and comfort. In settings such as food service, research, data protection, and healthcare among them, small differences take on a bigger urgency. The difference of a few degrees can mean the loss of valuable inventory, an experiment, or sensitive biologics. The environmental alarm monitoring solutions available from Vigilante Security help to protect temperature-sensitive assets, which is often especially important during the summer months.

Summer Prep for Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Each season comes with its own challenges for your business, but summer taxes alarm systems, infrastructure, and assets alike. It’s time to get ready!

What Do Environmental Alarms Do?

High temperatures place a heavy load on HVAC systems. A summer storm or higher than normal demand can lead to power outages. The season’s high humidity can also bedevil businesses that rely on spaces that aren’t just cool, but also dry. And environmental alarms can be set up to detect flooding from summer downpours, monitor air quality, and check for equipment failure in refrigeration, backup generators, dehumidifiers, and other key systems as well, so you’ll catch problems that mere temperature monitoring could miss.

Ensuring Your Alarm System is Ready for Summer

Vigilante Security doesn’t just stock business security alarm systems in Troy MI or provide environmental alarm services. We also offer smart alarm solutions, access controls, fire alarms (including video fire and smoke detection for large areas), and other systems. Furthermore, we consult with our clients to fully understand your needs and how those needs map to your business and its premises. Once we’ve custom-designed a system that’s tailored to your needs, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled level of protection.

But there’s a bit more to the picture than that. Having the right equipment in place matters, but having the system inspected and maintained helps to ensure that it works as intended when you need it most.

Environmental Alarm Monitoring

Another piece you can’t afford to miss from the temperature monitoring equation: who monitors the monitors? While many of our customers take full advantage of our remote access features that allow them to keep tabs at any time and from any place, they cannot be expected to stay awake around the clock every day of the week. That’s why Vigilante Security offers 24/7 alarm monitoring service that identifies and responds to emergencies whenever they happen, ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind.

Environmental Alarm Installations in Troy, MI

Of course, many businesses face another problem altogether. They’re slogging through the summer heat with no temperature monitoring solutions to speak of. We speak from experience: business security alarm systems are only as strong as their weakest link. It’s not enough to protect your business against external threats, or to only protect against malicious behavior. Business losses are just as likely to stem from human error, weather patterns, power failures, and the like. Make sure your business is completely covered with a call to Vigilante Security today!