Protecting Life and Property with Fire Alarm Systems

In 2018, the most recent year for which data is available, fire departments responded to more than 1.3 million fires, which accounted for $13.2 billion in direct property loss, a death every two hours and 24 minutes, and an injury every 35 minutes.* Three-fifths of those deaths occurred on properties without working smoke alarms, with more than a third occurring on properties with no fire alarms and security at all. So it’s hardly an exaggeration to say that the presence of working fire alarm systems are a matter of life and death.

How Smoke and Fire Detection Keep You Protected

With a timely response, a small fire may cause more inconvenience than damage. But a fire can smolder away for hours until it gets an infusion of oxygen or fresh fuel. At that point, it can literally change in a flash, becoming fast-growing and extremely destructive. Our DMP home security equipment and alarm systems for commercial buildings alert you quickly, because the quicker you know what’s happening, the easier it is to evacuate your home or business and summon a response.

The faster that response comes, the less your chance of extensive property damage and loss of life. But you can’t rely on your own senses to be the best defense; if a fire comes when you’re asleep, or if you’re distracted by your business’s midday rush, things can get out of hand quickly. Fire and smoke detection improve your protection and your odds.

Fire Alarm Design and Installation

When you approach Vigilante Security to protect your home or business, we don’t just rely on an off-the-shelf solution. Our alarm systems are carefully planned, designed, and installed after a thorough property inspection that leaves us with an understanding of what we’re protecting — and leaves you with an understanding of how you can better protect yourself, too.

From there, we’re considering a number of factors that help us ensure you’re getting the right system. Interconnected systems sound everywhere if a fire is detected anywhere, the better to protect your home or business. If you’re living with a disabled individual, we augment audible alarms with bright lights and haptic feedback, or systems designed to prevent sensory overload for individuals with visual impairment or sensory processing problems.

We also provide redundancies within the system, whether it’s for notification purposes (voice evacuation), monitoring, or power backups. And for businesses, we offer gas and flame detection, smoke detection, and aspiration sensing so that your property gets the fullest protection possible.

With  NICET certified fire engineering consultants, CAD drafting, building code specialists, and a team of expert alarm installers in Southeast Michigan, we leverage our experience into coverage you can trust. And it’s all backed by a UL-listed remote monitoring center that keeps an eagle eye on your home or business every hour of every day so that a response is dispatched at the first sign of trouble.

Fire Prevention

The best defense against fire in your home or business is to prevent one from starting. These simple steps can help.

  • Keep your home and property clear of trash, debris, and overgrowth; these can provide fuel to fires, and cut off evacuation routes
  • Have a fire safety plan that includes a meeting place a safe distance from your home, and practice it
  • Place UL-listed fire extinguishers throughout your home or business and make sure everyone knows how to use them
  • Keep sufficient clearance around appliances and heat sources
  • Inspect your home, checking and cleaning dryer vents and examining electronics and wiring for signs of wear
  • Keep your fireplace and chimney clean
  • Whether it’s dinner on the stove, a scented candle, or a space heater, if it gives off heat, never leave it unattended
  • Test your fire alarm systems regularly, and if there’s a sign of trouble, don’t ignore it — have your system maintained, and have components repaired or replaced as quickly as possible

For help protecting your home, your business, and those you care about, get a free fire alarm systems consultation with Vigilante Security today!

*NFPA, Fire Loss in the United States During 2018. Figures do not count a further $12.4 billion lost to that year’s California wildfires.