Avoid Becoming a Victim of Package Swiping: Vigilante Security Reminds Online Shoppers to Be Alert During the Holiday Season

Looking forward to seeing that gift you ordered on your front porch or patio has become a modern-day highlight of the holiday shopping season. Coming home to realize that you have just become a victim of package swiping, however, can be disappointing at best and also could mean the loss of a significant amount of money. Worse yet, the contents of the package could have been one-of-a-kind, precious items, possibly even of sentimental value.

Tips You Can Use to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Package Swiping

Vigilante Security reminds residents to remain cautious when shopping online. Following are some steps you can take to protect your packages from theft.

  • As Vigilante Security owner Ron Ross recently advised for a WXYZ Channel 7 news story, consider installing a customized video surveillance system at your residence. Watch the full interview here:The best video security systems will allow you to watch your home from anywhere through an online program or app. You can even caution the would-be thief by talking to him or her through the system.
  • Place a hold on your delivery if you expect to be away.
  • Have the package delivered to a friend’s residence at a time when the friend is expected to be home.
  • Request the package delivery for an ideal time.
  • Track the delivery process in order to determine when you can expect your item to arrive.
Contact Vigilante Security for Additional Information

These are only some of the tips you can use to protect yourself from becoming a victim of package swiping. For additional suggestions or to have an alarm system or video security system installed, contact Troy-based Vigilante Security through our website or by phone at 844-My-Vigilante.