Simple Steps to Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

The holidays season is a time of joy, family gatherings, and lots of eggnog. Unfortunately, it is also a time where we see a drastic increase in home break-ins. Would-be burglars know that this is the time of year where you may not be at home as much, whether you are traveling or shopping, and there are likely to be more valuables and cash in your house. So what can you do to keep yourself from becoming a victim? We have gathered a few tips to help you protect your home this holiday season.

Decorate Wisely

While a beautiful tree surrounded by presents in your front room creates a picturesque scene, it also shows the world just how many (and what size) gifts you have. Burglars look at this as an open invitation to come in and help themselves.  Consider putting the tree in a room away from the street or, at a minimum, keep your blinds closed.

Watch The Trash

No, we don’t mean stake out the trash and make sure no one steals your garbage. Instead, you need to be careful what you take out to the trash. For example, you don’t want to leave the box to your brand new big screen right next to your trash can. This tells potential thieves that you have a brand new TV inside, and probably lots of other valuables too. If you can, break the box down and put it inside your recycling container. If this is not an option, wait until right before trash pickup to take the box to the curb.

Be Careful with Social Media

As always, posting on social media that you are going out of town is never a good idea. Neither is posting pictures of all the great gifts you received over the holidays. While you may feel like you want to share your experiences with your friends and family, these sort of posts let the bad guys know what is in your house and when you won’t be there. If you absolutely must post these things online, be sure that your privacy settings are set so that only those on your friend’s list can see your posts.

As always, keep your doors locked and turn on outside lights at night. Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Home security is important, especially this time of year. If you are looking for some peace of mind, contact Vigilante Security today to see how installing a home security system can help protect your home this holiday season.