Baby Safety Month

 September is Baby Safety Month, and while many tips during this time are geared toward double checking safety features on baby products such as car seats and strollers, the pro’s here at Vigilante Security thought it’d be prime time to feature Honeywell’s Total Connect Security System. This is one of the best security systems, in our opinion, for keeping families – especially families with young ones – safe and sound.

With Honeywell’s award-winning Total Connect, you can watch what’s happening at home at all times from anywhere else in the world – as long as you are connected to wi-fi. The program sends rapid notifications to your smart device if it detects any unusual movements or sounds within your home. We usually suggest combining multiple cameras through the same app to monitor your whole house – not just a single room like your baby’s bedroom. The mobile remote control also allows you to reset certain features or move cameras.

Many times, parents feel safer seeing firsthand that their babysitter is doing a good job with the kids, or that the baby is sleeping safely in his crib, or that the kids arrived promptly home from school.

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