How Secure is Your Business?


Operating and running a successful business can be difficult and may also allow you to become vulnerable to security risks. How safe and secure is your business? We encourage all business owners to perform a security audit this month and consider upgrading to a system that limits liabilities.

Here are some things to consider:

Access Level Control – Adding access controls allows you to regulate who and when someone enters your building or a room in your building. A previously set-up automation may allow you to automatically lock or unlock entry doors from an app on your phone if you’re not physically around to grant access. Accredited users must present appropriate credentials to be granted access inside; sometimes this access comes in the form of key fobs, cards, fingerprint scans, or key codes.

Threat Level Management – If there’s an emergency within your business, would it be convenient for you to be able to lock down entry, remotely, with the click of a button? If so, these services may be right for you. Threat level management allows you to access security software in an instant during a threat, giving you the ability to limit access into your location among other features.

Extras – We also offer an array of other business security solutions, such as:

  • Virtual outputs
  • First Man In
  • Manager First
  • Two-Man Rule
  • Hazmat Lockdown
  • Time Zone Control
  • And more

If you have questions about any of the features mentioned, or about security systems in general, call Vigilante Security today: (844) 698-4445.