Commercial Alarm Systems: The Features and Benefits

Every business owner wants to protect their property, employees, and assets. Even if you don’t have high-value inventory, commercial security system alarms should still be your first line of defense. Most retail burglaries happen when the stores are closed on the weekends or at night.

If your shop has a large display, it is easy for criminals to commit “smash-and-grab” crimes. With proper surveillance and real-time monitoring, you can keep your office, store, or any establishment safe. Here is what business security systems have to offer.

What Features Do Commercial Alarm Systems Have?

Commercial security system alarms are designed to protect your business. They can keep burglars, intruders, and trespassers at bay. They offer classic monitoring and other features. Examples are fire alarms, front-door and outdoor cameras, real-time video surveillance, and life safety devices.

These systems are generally more complex and are used in high-traffic areas. They have a lot more features than a classic home alarm system. For example, you can get a smart alarm system with real-time Central Station Monitoring. The alarm system can immediately dispatch local emergency services or first responders.

Benefits of Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems have a lot to offer. Although they have a higher cost than standard home systems, they do offer a lot more alarm system benefits. Businesses need additional monitoring and extra security. Here is a list of the perks these systems can offer.

Better Coverage & Storage

Commercial security systems record every moment and have a huge storage capacity. You can invest in longer archival periods, higher image resolution, intelligent video recognition, and more active cameras. Most of the time, you will have more than 10 cameras operating in sync.

This means you can use them to cover more ground and keep every corner of your facility safe. Even underground parking spaces.

Higher Resolution Monitoring

CCTV, also known as video surveillance for business properties, is could be installed to monitor customer and employee behavior inside the property. This kind of environment, such as airports, public buildings, and shops, relies on 24×7 video streams with more frames per second.

Paired with the broader camera deployment, commercial alarm systems make it easier to spot suspicious activity, and people, and protect your business. Some cameras come with nighttime detection and smart light integration.

Access Control

One of the major alarm system benefits with systems such as these is access control. These physical electronic systems help restrict or allow access to a room, storage unit, building, or another area. Compared to orthodox key cards or locks, this gives you better control over who comes and goes.

Life Safety Devices

Commercial alarm systems can protect your business since they are designed to detect an issue and create an alarm. The alarm alerts employees and first responders. This further increases the chances of a reactive, fast response while keeping the business safe at the same time. Adding carbon monoxide monitors and alarm detectors only further enhances your alarm system. They offer an extra layer of protection against probable injuries, damages, or fatalities.