Physical Security Audit: Secure Your Home For The Holidays

The holidays can be a prime time for burglary and theft. It’s easy to take advantage of this open window. Especially when you are traveling, shopping, partying or having meals with the family. You can take your holiday security to the next level with a physical security audit.

If you are trying to find any loopholes or gaps in your security system, then a physical security audit can help. Site assessment with a trained security professional can find all the weak points in your current system and suggest the best technology to safeguard your home.

The security tips listed below can keep your home from becoming an easy target for burglars and thieves.

Holiday Home Security Dos and Don’ts

Here is how you can have a secure home even when you are busy for the holidays.

Don’t post your current location on social media

Resist the urge to update your online status. Not only does it show where you are right now, but it also tells criminals where you are not – that’s home. Plus, if you are posting enough data, criminals can figure out your weekly or daily routines.

Do leave the lights on

If you are going out for the night, it is a good idea to set manual timers for your indoor lights. This way you can enhance your holiday security. With a flick of a switch, the house looks like there is someone still inside. Vigilante Security offers wireless options as well that allow you to access video surveillance and control lights, appliances, thermostat, and locks right from your smartphone.

Don’t hide your spare key in predictable places

The most obvious places burglars check for are under the door mat, flowerpot by the door, shoe storage, garden statue, in the mailbox, or on the doorjamb. For a secure home, hide the extra key in spots that blend in with the surroundings.

Like a loose brick in the walkway, tuck it somewhere with a magnetic key holder, or put it in a hollow space behind fake rocks. And don’t forget to do a full physical security audit before you leave.

Do make the house look “lived in”

Make the house look occupied during the holidays. For example, leave the radio playing on low. Also, leave a couple of things scattered across the room. That’s because nothing looks more like you’ve left the house when the place is pristinely clean.

Here is an extra tip – alert your post office or credit card companies that you will be out of town for some time. You don’t want all that mail and packages piling up on the front porch while you are away.

Don’t forget to take care of the garden and driveway

Make sure the lawn is properly maintained in summer, and the driveway is shoveled in winter. Ask a neighbor or family member to keep a driveway presence and do an occasional physical security audit while you are away.

Do ramp up your home security

Many people who don’t have a dog like to put a “Beware of the Dog” sign on their gate. This is a useful tactic to make thieves think twice before entering your home.

Place visible lights and security cameras. The lights should shine brightly whenever someone walks on your driveway or approaches your house. Video surveillance can deter criminals and help law enforcement apprehend or identify suspected perpetrators.