Maintaining Home Security During Power Outages

You have home security up and running because the safety of your family and property is your top priority. Security systems provide you with time to respond in cases where unexpected movement is detected on your property or inside your house. They are exceptionally helpful and often connect directly to a security company, who can come to your assistance in the case of an emergency. A power outage, however, can leave you in the dark, with the home security system being unable to detect movement on your property. This puts you and your family at risk, but there are ways to maintain your home security during power outages.

Power Utilization In Home Security Systems

When a security company installs a home security system, there are a couple of things that need to be done. Following the installation of the main system and the sensors, there is a power source that the system can use. The power ensures the security system connects to all of the sensors you have, as well as the siren that needs to go off if there are unexpected movements in front of a sensor.

Home Security Systems And Power Outages

Due to the power requirement of a home security system, power outages can cause serious problems with your ability to detect unexpected movement. This is why you should consider backup plans in cases where you have regular power outages in your area.

There are several options that you can turn to for these events. One of the most popular options includes the use of a UPS, also known as an Uninterrupted Power Supply. This is also one of the safer options to use, as there will not be any outages of your security system if the power trips or goes off for a while. A UPS is generally a battery packaged into a box, which can connect to certain devices. Since a home security system generally does not use a lot of power, there is no need to opt for one of the more powerful UPS systems unless you want to run other devices on the battery too.

If you have other items that you want to keep running during a power outage, such as your TV and a few lights, then a power inverter or generator might be a more appropriate solution. An AC/DC power inverter produces less noise than a fuel generator, and you are able to recharge the battery that this system uses.


A power outage should never leave your home security system failing to protect you and your family. If you live in an area with regular power outages, then it is important to ensure you have a backup plan to keep your home security system running even when the power is out. There are several options that you can explore, including backup batteries, power generators, and inverters. Each solution comes with its own pros and cons, so carefully consider your options to pick the right backup solution for your scenario.