How the Latest Alarm Technology Improves Response Times

Alarm technology for homes and businesses has improved with the widespread availability of the Internet and of streaming audio and video. As the costs for advanced technologies are reduced, traditional hard-wired security systems are beginning to see competition from wireless systems that employ streaming video feeds when motion is detected.

  Wireless Security to Avoid False Alarms

As alarm technology shifts from traditional hard-wired systems to wireless systems that divide homes into zones or areas, it becomes much easier to pinpoint whether an alarm is false or not and avoid an unnecessary response. estimates that 98% of alerts from hard-wired systems are actually false alarms, so being able to remotely track whether multiple regions in a home or office are being set off can help with reducing these numbers in newer systems.

  Video Systems Get Priority

Because of the very real problem of false alarms, law enforcement must balance the potential of a crime in progress against the likelihood of a false alarm, leaving dispatchers with tough choices.

With the advent of video verification (VV), which uses video surveillance cameras in a home or office to confirm in real time that an intruder is present, law enforcement can authorize faster responses than an unverified alarm.

A report from the US Department of Justice confirms that with VV, response rates drop from an average of 45 minutes in response time for unverified alarms to only 7 minutes on average.

The chance of catching a criminal in the act is much higher with this kind of response time, and the VV can be retained for potential evidence in the future.

Importance of Professional Alarm Installation

While these trends continue to improve the ability for both security companies and law enforcement to catch those who would break in and enter homes, these systems are also growing in complexity.

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