5 Things to Do When the Time Changes

It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of the new year and not even notice that we are already approaching the start of Daylight Savings Time! With March 11 coming quickly, it makes sense to use the focus on the shift in seasons to also make some great choices for your home and family too; why not check off the items on this list at the same time?

 1. Check in on Your Finances

After the idealism of starting 2018 wears off, this is a great time to look back at expenses and income for the first two months of the year. Where did you go a little over or a little under? Make sure that you keep an eye on fixed expenses, and cancel subscriptions of any kind that you don’t really want to pay for every month. This can be an expensive time of year for heating bills, so consider whether there are ways to save on utilities expenses through conservation.

2. Celebrate or Revise Your New Year’s Resolutions

We made our big goals at the start of the year, but there are circumstances that get in the way of even the most robust resolutions. Now is a great time to decide whether it is time to celebrate (yes, I lost 10 pounds!) or revise the goals (I will go to the gym once a week, not seven times). Both of these options are great ways to continue progressing toward your goals, because no one gains much from an unrealistic goal that de-motivates them from doing anything at all. Better to celebrate achievements and develop a new realistic goal.

3. Inventory Your Valuables

If you never have, take a photo of every valuable item in your home, including serial numbers on your electronics. While it is true that you want to prevent any theft from ever occurring, it can be very hard to recover lost items or receive full insurance payment for misplaced luggage if you don’t have these pictures. It will also help you feel grateful for your possessions as you do it!

4. Schedule that Appointment!

You know which appointment this is: it could be the dentist, or an appointment to take your dog to the vet, or a check-up for your child. Whatever it is, just call and schedule it now! It will feel much better to have the plan on the calendar than waiting in your mind.

5. Check Smoke Alarm Batteries

Protecting your home requires a few very key decisions, and checking your smoke alarms is one of them. Even if you have replaced batteries regularly, make sure that your smoke alarm is still within its viable lifetime; if you choose to replace one because it is too old, write today’s date on it in permanent marker so that you can easily identify when to replace it next time. It would also be a great time to replace batteries in other battery powered devices in the home, such as CO detectors, medical pendants & Remotes, Alarm transmitters, Emergency Weather Radios, etc.

With this entire list complete, you’ll feel truly prepared for the coming year in many aspects of your life. To make sure you are also prepared for any security concerns that may come your way, contact Vigilante Security about the security system that will help you protect your home. For more information and a solution that is right for you, visit our website or call us at 844-698-4445.