How Vigilante Security Can Make Your Home More Efficient

An advanced high-tech security system not only keeps your home safe and well-protected but also adds more value to your energy-efficient house. It comes with a range of benefits that allow you and your family to perform everyday duties in a safe, comfortable, and peaceful environment. Moreover, the reduced electricity consumption also helps you to save money that you can spend to further improve your home.

If you’re looking for a wireless security system for your house, then Vigilante Security solution can be your best option. It’s a single-stop home security system equipped with state-of-the-art and smart technology. In this article, you’ll find out how Vigilante Security works and makes your home more efficient.

Vigilante Security Energy Efficiency

If saving energy consumption is one of your biggest concerns, then the Vigilante Security system has got that covered. It’s a modern technological solution that consumes as little energy as possible. Not only does it live up to the present energy challenges, but its smart approach allows it to provide future-proofing. Not to mention, it comes with advanced features that allow you to achieve building automation.

Vigilante Security Smart Approach

The primary goal of Vigilante Security is to ensure the protection and safety of your home in the most efficient and effective manner. Not only is it capable of protecting your house building, but it also keeps a keen eye on your whole property. All of the camera modules are installed strategically to make sure that your house’s backdoors, entrance, windows, backyard, lawn, etcetera are under constant observation. In simple words, Vigilante Security makes sure that every inch of your entire property is well-protected and no one can trespass it without being noticed.

Features of Vigilante Security System

As mentioned, Vigilante Security is a specialized system that comes with advanced monitoring capabilities. Not only does it offer video surveillance and an intrusion alarm system, but it’s also equipped with sensors to monitor the environment and detect fire and smoke.

The features and functionalities that the Vigilante Security system offers are but not limited to the following:

Secure and Simple

Vigilante Security offers a wireless home security system which means that the installation process is very simple. Unlike a wired security system, you don’t need to make any holes in your beautiful walls, and you also won’t need to deal with loads of cables. Moreover, the system comes with a custom configuration that covers everything that your home needs.

Bespoke Installation Design

One of the best things about the Vigilante Security system is that you get a custom-made design that meets all your unique needs. Whether you need intrusion detection, smoke, and fire, detection, environmental protection, video surveillance, or a combination of all, the Vigilante Security system covers everything. Additionally, this security system provides alarm monitoring 24/7/365 without resting.

Home Automation

Vigilante Security system takes your home automation to the next level. Not only can you automate multiple tasks such as opening and closing the garage, locking or opening the front door, set your thermostat, switching on/off lights, receive real-time notifications, view cameras, etcetera by using a single app that runs on both your mobile and computer. But you can also monitor and control your home even if you’re physically away. It means that you can have the necessary peace of mind that your home is secure and safe regardless of your location.

Virtual Keypad™ Functionality

The best thing about Vigilante Security is that you can control anything and everything regarding your home security system by using the virtual keypad. The company offers you a dedicated virtual keypad™ app that can easily be downloaded on any smart device. Not only can you use it to monitor your home, but you can also perform energy-saving tasks, especially when you aren’t home. On the other hand, if you’re home, you can turn on or off any feature of the security system that’s not being used as well.

The Graphic Touchscreen of the Vigilante Security system, along with the Thinline keypads, is no less than a breakthrough. It becomes even more useful after the global pandemic as it keeps multiple people from touching the same item. All you need to do is to provide the proximity credentials that the company provides in order to eliminate the risk.