Increasing Home Security through Design

We have all considered how we can increase our homes security. Those thoughts most likely included adding a security system, video surveillance and sensors to doors and windows. But have you ever thought that how you have furniture and accents placed in and around your home could affect its security? To help you out our team has put together some easy ways to make your home design more secure.

Yard Guard

Security starts in the front yard, the first place a passersby sees when they go past your home.


While fences are great for offering privacy, they are actually not recommended for security. Fences make it easy for an intruder to enter the backyard without being see. If you require a fence, then they should be shorter to allow for a fuller view of the area.


It is important to keep shrubs and bushes trimmed. Large unruly plants offer burglars the ability to, again, move without being noticed. Bushes that reach past the first level of homes also create a ladder of sorts, allowing easy access to the 2nd floor.

Light it up

Besides have a security system, properly lighting your home may be the biggest design feature to keep in mind in your home.  


Installing lights outside of your home will help you to easily find things when you’re outside at night but they also deter thieves. Motion sensor lights offer automatic illumination when there is movement. Eliminating the need for you to remember to turn the lights on.


Having the inside of your house well lighted is almost as important as having a security system installed. Lights that are on timers make it look as if someone is home, even if they aren’t.

Utilize Blinds

Installing blinds or full coverage curtains onto your windows will keep unwanted eyes out. It’s important to not help intruders when designing your home. While it’s good to have blinds and curtains, remember to shut them when you are not home or are sleeping.

Furniture Placement

How your furniture is arranged might be the most important part of decorating your home to maximize security. It is suggested to keep furniture away from windows. This will make it harder for intruders to get into the basement. Another tip, is to use furniture to block items that you don’t want to be seen from the outside.

Want to make sure that your home is monitored when you aren’t there? Our team of security specialists serve all of Southeastern Michigan. They will sit down and work with you to determine your home security needs. Contact us today to get a free quote!