Room-by-Room Security: Bedroom

Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in any home, as many of us keep most of our valuables in this room. Here are some tips in this week’s room-by-room security series: bedroom security.

Securing Windows

A common misconception is that burglars are not able to reach second floor windows. There are several ways to reinforce your glass windows whether it be reinforced glass, polycarbonate and plexiglass windows, window alarms, or even just a simple good window lock.

Reinforcing the Doorframe

Most of the modern door locks can be bypassed by applying repeated force to the door until the frame breaks. Having a stronger doorframe installed, although it is a bit of extra work, it can provide you with the extra security that you desire.

Digital Locks

If reinforcing the doorframe seems a bit excessive, a digital lock provides a greater privacy advantage as there are no mechanical parts. Some digital locks can have a keypad that requires a password, or even one that requires a fingerprint. This makes it easier to control the access of the room.

Home Security System

There are many home security options that can help monitor your home while you’re away, whether it be a single room, or your entire home. At Vigilante Security, we take pride and evaluating each of our client’s individual needs and suggesting the best system for them.