The Importance of Environmental Monitoring Systems

We’re used to seeing monitoring systems in movies and on TV. A well-timed intruder alert, or a change in ambient temperature, can be a sign that trouble is close at hand. But today’s environmental monitoring systems turn yesterday’s science fiction into today’s home and business protection, safeguarding everything from houses to data centers, museums, and businesses. Luckily, Vigilante Security is here to help you take care of your environment with advanced environmental monitoring and alarm systems in Michigan.

The Advantages of Environmental Monitoring Systems

A professionally installed and monitored system brings some important advantages to home and business owners.

Awareness and Protection

You cannot control, or protect against, what you can’t see. Environmental monitoring keeps an eagle eye on temperature and humidity, but also on water pressure, performance of key systems like HVAC and refrigeration, air quality, and the presence of deadly carbon monoxide events. Because our systems are monitored 24/7/365 from a UL-listed facility, our awareness of problems is instantaneous, and the response much faster, than it would be otherwise. That can save lives, and save thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage or lost inventory in the case of alarm systems for commercial buildings.


Protecting your property usually involves more than environmental monitoring. That’s why our security solutions generally include environmental monitoring as part of a holistic system design whether we’re approaching home security or business security. Environmental monitoring and controls aren’t replacements for access controls, security systems, and fire alarms. They are, instead, components that reinforce a comprehensive protective strategy that addresses a wide range of threats and potential issues. Designing the system as a whole ensures fewer gaps, and helps to make sure your protection is as thorough as possible.


Environmental controls’ ability to monitor and ensure that everything’s working properly is important. However, there’s a hidden benefit that savvy home and business owners can easily take advantage of. These systems can give you insight into resource utilization, tipping you off when it’s time to scale up (or cut back) on certain things. You may find that it’s time to repair or replace certain components, like your HVAC system, or may find new ways to save on the use of resources like energy and water so that you’re saving money month-to-month.

Why Proper Installation is Important

Having explored the advantages of an environmental monitoring system, we should also stop to consider whether environmental monitoring systems pose any disadvantages. The answer is that while they are few, they do exist; one that you should be aware of is the possibility of hacking.

Environmental monitoring takes place on two levels; locally, there’s a network of sensors that are integrated into a larger security system or smart building. However, what makes these systems “smart” is an internet connection that allows them to be monitored and controlled remotely. If they’re improperly installed and configured, they can be vulnerable to hacking. To ensure safety, your Wi-Fi and applicable landline connections should be kept secure, your passwords changed often, and your installation handled only by professionals.

On the latter count — especially for home and business owners throughout Michigan — Vigilante Security is here to help. We will evaluate your property and your needs, then design and install a system that best suits your needs, including alarm installation services and full alarm monitoring services. Get in touch today for a free consultation!