What Is Professional Alarm Monitoring and Why Do You Need It?

Perhaps the most important consideration when installing a security system for your home or business, is whether to pay for professional monitoring. Most people often prefer self-monitoring their alarm system because it appears cost-effective and convenient.

While this is true, self-monitoring might prove disadvantageous because you’re the only one monitoring your alarm system. So, if a burglary happens and you can’t contact the police on time, you won’t receive any help.

Professional monitoring, on the other hand, presents you with amazing benefits. For example, you can enjoy round-the-clock security, faster police response in case of burglary or invasion, and top-class home security even when you’re away.

What’s Professional Alarm Monitoring?

Most security systems often come with door/window sensors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, cameras, glass-break sensors, etc. When one of these gets triggered during a burglary, it activates the loud siren or alarm located inside your home or business base station. You will then receive an alert on your smartphone via a push notification.

If you work with a professional alarm monitoring company like Vigilante Security, your security system will send them an alert. The company will call you to confirm if there’s an issue or if it’s a false alarm.

In case of a fire or break-in, the monitoring service will notify the proper authorities, whether the police or the fire department. If it’s a false alarm, the company might request you to provide a code number or code word verification to dismiss the alarm. Some companies might even call your neighbor, colleague, or friend to verify what activated the alarm, especially when you’re not around.

Why Do You Need Professional Alarm Monitoring?                     

Here are reasons you might need professional monitoring from Vigilante Security for your home/business security system.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring companies like Vigilante Security have operators working 24 hours, 7 days a week to monitor your alarm system. If an alarm goes off for any reason, they will receive an alert and call you. If you don’t answer or there’s an emergency like a fire outbreak, the operator will inform the appropriate authorities.


When you hire a professional monitoring company like Vigilante Security, you don’t have to worry about monitoring your security system when you’re on a business trip or vacation. The company will ensure your home or business stays secure until you’re back.

Also, in the event of emergencies like a break-in, you only must focus on getting your employees or family to safety. Vigilante Security will contact the police on your behalf.

Receive Help Quickly

Professional monitoring companies like Vigilante Security ensure you receive help quickly when they detect emergencies, such as:

  • Fire, carbon monoxide, and floods: Operators will contact the fire department authority to help protect your family, home, business, assets, and valuables.
  • Medical Emergencies: In the event of medical emergencies, they will update the appropriate authorities and send them over to your home or business.
  • Break-ins: When the alarm gets activated because of a burglary, the company will send the police to your home or business.

Insurance Discounts

Installing a professional monitoring can save you money! Most insurance companies will discount your policy around 10-15% – and even up to 20%-when you have a professionally monitored alarm system. This is a win-win situation for both you and your insurance company.


Compared to self-monitoring, professional alarm monitoring offers you and your family or employees’ greater response and protection. Besides being convenient, professional monitoring allows you to enjoy 24/7 home security monitoring and quick responses to emergencies that are too serious for you to handle. Professionally monitored security systems can save you money too!

So, if you want to have peace of mind with professional alarm monitoring, Vigilante Security!