What is Threat Level Management?

When it comes to security monitoring systems for business, Vigilante Security knows that no two systems should be alike. Your design should be as unique as your business, the better to meet your needs and the kinds of concerns you face day-to-day. Nowhere is that more evident than in threat level management, a multi-layered approach to security that’s intended to address and mitigate a wider range of challenges.

Threat Level Management Explained

A burglar alarm may be helpful in the event of a break-in, but most businesses are protecting more than a handful of easy-to-carry assets. You’re protecting things that are a bit harder to quantify, including processes, procedures, and your valuable intellectual property. Amid all of this, you’re also keeping the well-being and safety of your employees top of mind. A good threat level management system allows you to understand and respond to threats in real time.

Threat Level Management Use Cases

There are a number of different scenarios addressed by the surveillance and access control hardware we offer. If you have an intruder, for instance, it’s possible to lock down areas of your building quickly to limit access.

But because threats are as likely to come from within your business as they are from outside, you may want to limit access to certain areas only to those who should be there, which can mean access controls for clean rooms or your onsite server farm. Need to set occupancy limits, enforce a two-man rule, or have the capability to initiate a hazmat lockdown in the blink of an eye? Our systems allow these uses, and many others — it’s why our systems are custom designed rather than off-the-rack.

Threat Level Management: The Tools of the Trade

We install and service access controls from DSX Inc. The solutions we offer integrate with other components we install, so the components listed below are not exhaustive:

  • Virtual outputs
  • First Man In
  • Manager First
  • Two Man Rule
  • Access Level Control
  • Hazmat Lockdown
  • Emergency Lockdowns
  • Time Zone Control
  • Separate Alarm Outputs
  • Clean Room Annunciation
  • Man Trap
  • Occupancy Limit

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of real-time response. Because emergencies can arise at any time, monitoring relies on a combination of monitoring modalities; you can monitor on-site, via a mobile device, and through our 24/7 monitoring service, so there are eyes on your facility even when you’re not there.

Vigilante Security: Threat Level Management Evolved

From the simplest home security system to our most complex access control systems for business, the security system installations performed by Vigilante Security share some common elements.

  • A thorough design consultation, because a system that isn’t customized to your space and your needs ultimately won’t be effective
  • The most advanced equipment available to ensure you’re well-protected
  • Expert installation to ensure everything works as it should
  • A commitment to revisiting the tools of the trade and the processes behind them, so that your protection evolves as quickly as the threats you face

More than business security alarm systems in Troy MI, Vigilante Security offers custom solutions to your business’s most pressing security needs. To get started on a system designed to work hand-in-glove with your current processes, or to bring your security plan and your system alike up to date, get in touch today.