Church Safety and Security Month

Churches are known for their open doors and welcoming all who enter. However, congregation and property protection is an important responsibility for those in leadership roles. Property damage and theft can damage a church’s finances, safety, and ability to help others in the local community. Protect those you protect, with a business security system through Vigilante Security.

Vigilante’s customized commercial alarm system with alarm monitoring offers budget-friendly safety, and provides a holistic safeguard for any issue that may arise. This includes Environmental Monitoring for air quality and temperature, as well as Fire and Smoke safety and prevention. You’ll also be able to access your video surveillance remotely, and offer controlled access to employees at all hours of the day.

Here are some tips for keeping your house of worship safe at all times:

  • Develop a security plan with key members of your church who are well-equipped to handle a crisis.
  • Establish set hours and train everyday employees or volunteers in keeping a vigilant eye.
  • Install a Vigilante Security system that can meet your church’s business needs. Vigilante Security can assist with questions and help when it comes to choosing the right equipment.
  • Be involved with the community. Know the risks in your area, so your staff are prepared and can prepare accordingly.


It is also a good idea to have a lockdown plan in place, in the event of a daytime robbery or church attack. Most incidents take place after hours or during office hours when staff have become relaxed about security. In years past, church security was an unheard of proposition. Unfortunately, more vigilance is now required, and houses of worship must balance their open-door approach and keeping their congregation safe.

During Church Safety and Security Month in October, take the next step in keeping your congregation safe and available to all those in need. Be accessible, while keeping your staff and property secure at the same time. You can find more information about alarming your location at or by calling (844) 698-4445.