False Alarms and Halloween

We all know it. That loud thud in the night or the strange knocking on a window that leaves your heart racing and wondering whether your family is at risk. Sometimes, though, those bumps in the night are environmental in nature, and not the cause of something more sinister. Our Environmental Monitoring systems offer critical home security protection for natural damages that pose a risk, and our Burglary and Intrusion alarm services from Vigilante Security will help you sleep in safety and comfort.

False alarms can be unnerving. High winds can break branches that impact your home, setting off your home alarm monitoring system and giving you an inaccurate sense of danger. But others aren’t so harmless, and a faulty home alarm can be life threatening. Your environmental residential alarm system should notify you of vulnerabilities and risks to your well-being, but to do that you need to ensure it is in good working order.

Replacing batteries on time and conducting regular maintenance checks will also keep you safe if a carbon monoxide or generator issue arises, or if you have a furnace failure in the winter. The same applies for a home alarm system, because there is no worse feeling than experiencing a failure in your residential security system when you need it most. A well-maintained, customized residential alarm system can protect against a host of manmade issues and alert authorities when needed.

October is also National Crime Prevention Month, and the perfect time for people to get ahead of the holes in their home and business security. When you guard your home with an advanced home security system from Vigilante, criminals will think twice about choosing your home as their next target. An unprotected home is an easy target for burglars, and it’s vital that you take steps to deter any unwanted attention.

This is particularly important during Halloween, when crime-related insurance claims rise by 24 percent, according to 2016 information from Travelers Insurance. The rate is the highest single-day spike in the year, and homes aren’t the only vulnerability. Businesses are targeted for theft and vandalism, as well, and choosing a business security system is essential. Turning the lights on if you’re going to be away from your home or business is also an effective deterrent, and many of our security systems have programmable access control features for your convenience.

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