Commercial Security During the Holidays

If you are the owner of manager of a retail store, especially during the busy holiday season, you already understand how important it is to create a safe and secure environment for your workers, as well as your customers and vendors. You also understand why it is necessary to take steps to prevent losses and reduce shrinkage.

If you are searching for a few new tips to help create a safer, more secure retail location, you’re in luck. Here you can learn some practical tips that have been proven effective in a retail setting.

Install Security Equipment

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to increase retail store security is to install various types of security equipment. While you don’t have to install everything on the following list, even one item can help make your business more secure and help increase the feeling of security among staff and customers.

  • Closed circuit security cameras
  • Zwave or remote control Motion lights
  • Access control technology
  • Fire/burglary alarm
  • Monitoring services from Vigilante Security, Inc.


Loss Prevention Tips for Retail Establishments

“Shrinkage” is when merchandise is lost due to certain activities, including (but not limited to) breakages, shoplifting, and employee theft. If you have a loss prevention plan in place, it can help reduce shrinkage situations. This plan should include:

  • Deter theft with security devices and camera systems
  • Displaying high-value items where they easily seen but not easily reached
  • Deter theft with security devices and camera systems
  • Make sure cameras are also in the break rooms, loading docks, and hidden areas on the sales floor


While there is no way to make your retail location 100% theft proof, the steps here can significantly help minimize the potential for losses due to theft. Owning or managing a retail store is hard work. With the tips here, you can help increase the feeling of safety and security among your employees.

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