Environmental Monitoring in Troy, MI

Break-ins and fires are threats, but they’re hardly the only thing you should protect your home or business from. Environmental hazards can be just as damaging and dangerous, which is why many turn to Vigilante Security for data center environmental monitoring in the Troy, MI area.

What Environmental Monitoring Does — and How it Does It

Environmental alarms monitor changes in ambient conditions, such as temperature fluctuations, a rise or fall in humidity, or rising water levels. They can also monitor for things that shouldn’t be there, like the presence of gas or carbon monoxide.

Types of Environmental Monitoring Devices

How does environmental monitoring protect your home or business? In most cases, we design solutions that combine multiple types of sensors depending on the nature of your property and the kinds of hazards for which you’d like to monitor.

  • Floods (naturally occurring, pipe burst, sump pump water level, etc.)
  • Extremes in temperature or humidity
  • Furnace failure
  • Carbon monoxide accumulation
  • Malfunctions in refrigeration systems
  • Generator failure
  • Medical emergencies

Home Monitoring Systems

As part of a home security system, carbon monoxide detectors are the most commonly requested type of environmental monitoring. But, it’s hardly the only one. We can also monitor for power outages, gas leaks, burst pipes, and much more.

Business Monitoring Systems

Businesses of nearly every shape and size benefit from environmental monitoring as part of their business security system. Restaurants can prevent spoilage due to high humidity or loss of refrigeration. Factories and laboratories can monitor equipment performance, temperature fluctuations, or power loss that can endanger machinery and assets. Doctors’ offices, server farms, warehouses, pharmacies — the number of potential applications for environmental monitoring protecting mission-critical assets is extremely varied.

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring

Environmental threats don’t always occur in isolation. Just as frequently, one event or failure sets off a catastrophic chain of events, so a homeowner’s ability to catch a temperature drop due to a failed furnace can give you time to prevent burst pipes, while being alerted to a power outage or generator failure while you’re off-site can help you save items kept in a temperature-controlled environment and save your business money. Environmental monitoring protects life and property, making it no surprise that many insurance companies provide discounts for robust monitoring solutions.

Environmental Monitoring Installation Process

Your choice of components is only one step in a much longer process, and it isn’t even the first step. Vigilante Security approaches each security system installation knowing that even two properties of the same type can have vastly different needs.

For this reason, we begin with an onsite visit, during which we evaluate your needs and the premises. After this, we’ll design an environmental monitoring system that integrates tightly with your existing home or business security solutions, whether it’s a burglar alarm or a fire alarm system that we’ve painstakingly designed and installed. We will then provide you with a written estimate. If you accept it, we’ll get to work on a robust and reliable installation, rounding out the process with 24/7 security monitoring from our UL-listed facility in Troy, MI.

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