Fire Alarm Installations in Troy

When it comes to protecting your home or business from fire, “good enough” simply isn’t good enough. When they’re properly installed, fire and smoke detections save lives. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that two-thirds of fire deaths — 1,450 fatalities per year on average — occur in homes with missing or faulty smoke alarms. This is why so many property owners and managers rely on a fire alarm installation company like Vigilante Security for fire and smoke alarm systems in the Troy, MI area.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

Vigilante Security, whose many hats include being a fire alarm installation company, offers several fire and smoke alarm solutions in partnership with Gamewell, a respected name in the industry. Among their range of effective and reliable equipment we’re proud to offer:

  • Analog / Networking
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Conventional Panels
  • Addressable Devices
  • Conventional Devices
  • Mass Notification Appliances
  • Power Supplies
  • Gas / Flame Detection
  • Video Smoke Detection
  • Aspiration Sensing VESDA Devices

Types of Fire Alarm Installations

We provide residential fire and smoke alarm systems, as well as commercial and industrial fire detection systems that are suitable for everything from office complexes to apartments, distribution centers, factories, and other applications. As you might imagine, that leads to an enormous array of technologies and capabilities. Broadly speaking, however, these systems — from the smallest and simplest to the most complex — share a few key facets in common.

System Capabilities

Our systems can be equipped with independent power supplies, and be able to detect a wide range of hazards — including carbon monoxide, heat, and aspiration — to improve safety. Mass notifications, pull stations, networking, and multiple panel types ensure that these systems can be customized for a wide variety of needs.

Equipment Quality

More than the type of equipment, its quality also matters. Our partnerships with quality vendors like Gamewell and Honeywell assure quality you can trust, while our installation process perfectly matches capability to need.

Alarm Monitoring

What would be your first instinct upon discovery of a fire? For most of us, the “fight or flight” mechanism kicks in. We’ll either stand and fight, or focus our efforts on getting ourselves and our people — family, employees, tenants — to safety. A phone call becomes an afterthought, which can have severe consequences in terms of property loss, or even loss of life if there’s someone you cannot locate in time. A monitored alarm system ensures there are always eyes on your property, ready to summon emergency services in seconds to protect life and property.

How to Know if Your Fire Alarm System Needs Replacement

There can be many reasons to replace an existing fire alarm system. An extensive renovation may require a new system to get up to code, for instance, and your insurance company may offer incentives for newer systems with more advanced technology. And when you’re adding new components, it’s worth remembering that new tech may not work well with older systems. But there are other reasons to consider replacement as well.

False Fire Alarms

UL 268 Edition 7 guidelines, that went into effect on May 1, 2020, were designed to improve detection capabilities and limit false alarms. Poor wiring, aged components, and sensors that have failed or aged out can trigger false alarms. This can result in steep penalties and slower response times.

Outdated Technology

Older technology can also be dangerous. They can give you a sense of security that doesn’t match the system’s capabilities. Technology evolves rapidly, resulting in capabilities that systems a decade old (or older) cannot match, resulting in faster and more accurate detection, as well as faster response times.

Absent Technology

Speaking of evolution, it’s worth remembering that there are technologies that exist now that were the stuff of science fiction not long ago. Video fire detection, for instance, provides excellent coverage of loading docks, warehouses, and even outdoor areas where a traditional system would prove impractical. And environmental monitoring can work in tandem with fire detection to spot power surges, mechanical failure, and other issues that could lead to a fire so you’re not just detecting but also preventing.

Alarm Monitoring

Fire and smoke detection is getting smarter. These systems now offer options for remote monitoring and smartphone integration. This way, you can take a hand in your property’s safety. We’re all for that, but we would caution against a system that only offers that kind of monitoring. Fire alarm monitoring from our UL-listed monitoring center relies on a proprietary communications network with excellent reliability. So, a quick response is always close at hand.

Fire Alarm Installation: Our Process

Our fire alarm installations begin long before an installer arrives on site. Most properties have some kind of smoke and fire detection in place already, so we’re evaluating the new system against both the existing system and the structure and contents of your building or dwelling. Our CAD specialists work up a three-dimensional portrait of the property to ensure every inch is covered properly. Additionally, other team members (code specialists and NICET-certified fire engineers) have a part to play in ensuring everything is up to snuff. Only when those steps are complete will our experienced installers move in to implement the system we’ve custom-designed for you.

Average Cost of Smoke and Fire Detection Systems in Troy, MI

As you’ve seen, we cover a wide range of clients’ needs. For some, detection and monitoring are sufficient. But in other cases, fire detection needs to work hand-in-hand with environmental monitoring, fire suppression, and other systems. Because of the unique nature of each job, we will individualize both your system and your quote to your needs.

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