Home & Business Security System & Surveillance Installations in Troy

With more than 35 years in business, Vigilante Security understands the security needs of homes and businesses in Troy, MI better than most. One thing we’ve learned from that experience: a system is only as strong as its weakest link. No matter how good the equipment, or the number of hazards for which you’re monitoring, you literally cannot afford to have alarm installation be the weak link. For this reason, no two systems we install are alike; each is highly site-specific, customized to provide maximum protection of property and people alike.

Types of Security Alarms

Security systems come in a number of different forms since intruders aren’t the only thing you need to protect against. In addition to providing numerous types and layers of protection, we pay close attention to how each of these components works together as a system so you can go about your day-to-day life worry free.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems

Whether you’re a homeowner, property manager, or businessperson, the prospect of a fire is chilling. An effective fire alarm system provides rapid detection that can save lives, but it also speeds response time that can minimize property damage and losses. We even offer video fire detection systems that cover wide areas (like loading docks and warehouses), where construction or open space would make traditional detection impractical.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Fire and smoke aren’t the only hazards you face. Indeed, environmental controls pose bigger — and often, more frequent — challenges. Temperature fluctuations can ruin inventory, undermine lab work, or indicate a dangerous situation. A leak of carbon monoxide or natural gas can endanger life and property. Burst pipes can cause extensive property damage Electrical or mechanical failures can lead to a costly cascade of catastrophic events. For this reason, many turn to us for environmental monitoring systems.

Intrusion Alarms

Whether you’re trying to keep your home safe from burglary or home invasion, or attempting to protect a business with millions in assets, it’s impossible to be too careful. Our burglary and intrusion alarms are keeping an eagle eye on your property even — or especially — when you can’t, giving you valuable protection and peace of mind.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems using closed-circuit TV (CCTV) are increasingly common and very affordable. They’re a great way to secure your perimeter as a homeowner, to cover blind spots in retail establishments, and to prevent theft and loss nearly anywhere. Video can be monitored onsite, but can also be sent via secure connection to a remote location. Video systems can be tied into other parts of your system, so they can be motion-activated, and can send alerts in the event that something — or someone — is there when they should not be.

Access Controls

Alarm Monitoring Services

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t always be on site, and even when you are, you can’t be awake and alert ‘round the clock. This is where self-monitored systems fall short. After all, emergencies can come when you’re asleep, occupied, or attending to the safety of those around you. That can cut into your ability to summon assistance at a time when seconds can count. Our alarm monitoring services, provided by a UL-listed facility in Troy, MI, are vigilant around-the-clock, always on standby to make sure you get a rapid response that keeps you safe.

Choosing the Best Security System for Your Troy Home or Business

For all the options available to you, it can seem challenging to choose and design the best security system for your needs. There are two things to remember. First, we find it helpful to inventory everything you seek to protect: not just a building, but also the people, property, and activities it contains, as well as a bit of imagination applied to the kinds of challenges you face, or could face. Second, we would remind you that you don’t have to — and in fact, ought not to — go it alone. Rely on the experience of a Troy security company that can bring our background and knowledge to bear, and that can make suggestions that enhance your safety.

Our Security System Installation Process

Our installations rely on a team-based approach. It all starts with a property inspection to better understand structures and the property on which they sit, the existing security measures you have in place, and your existing vulnerabilities. We employ CAD specialists who evaluate your home or business in three dimensions. Our code specialists ensure your system measures up to existing fire and building codes and are backed by NICET-certified fire engineers. And our installers leverage their years’ worth of experience to ensure a system you can count on, no matter how many components it may have or how complex it may be as a result.

Average Cost of Security Systems in Troy, MI

We cover homes and businesses alike, each of which has different needs. As you’ve already seen, our installations are sensitive to a number of different considerations, making a one-size-fits-all quote or price sheet impossible. After all, a two-bedroom ranch poses different security challenges than an office park or a warehouse, and the pricing of your project will reflect a system customized to your needs.

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